In my theme that I have.

Josefy: Also in chrome to clear the cache, they amde it harder, you nmeed to open developer tools for it, and then hit ctrl+shiuft+R 😛

Josefy: Sorry for my spåelling there xD

Battaglini: Hmm not just ctrl + r? Clorith

Trewin: Ctrl shift r made no diff.

Skornia: Maybe it’s time I just hit the magic flush cache button in the wp dash

Josefy: Nope, chrome likes complicating things now

Donna: He said with the dev panel open

Josefy: You need to hit the magic button first

Difelice: Install the plugin i told you about roasted

Josefy: As I said, most if anot all cache plugins don’t show you as the logged in user a cached copy, but others see it, so that’s step #1

Peachey: Gapen:

Denmon: Small help: i can’t in no-way changing css have a space in pixels from menu in left sidebar that should be a widget to the next widget below it

Grobmyer: Hey, does anyone know how to show product count against categories in the appearence menus product categories ? Trying to filter down to grab the right categories to build out a menu but it’s a bit of a nightmare when you don’t know from the admin point of view the # number of products in a given category

Holznecht: Some thread says that last manu item style should be changed, until now, i don’t see any effect

Lalli: Yeah, that’s all it was. WP cache.

Rehlander: But if it was showing normal in Firefox

Rokosz: Hmm another issue here, my browser says that the images on the site are stored at src=”

Donohoe: Falconi: it was, but I was also doing my work in FF, and using preview a lot from WP. Wonder if that caused anything.

Lupien: Falconi: either way, all browsers on all systems are now good.

Daws: R-Z: Google result for interconnectit search replace – wordpress-databases/">

Stopher: R-Z: Google result for wp-cli search replace –

Hernan: Been googling for days, can’t seem to get any results for it as the search term is bringing back the usual stuff

Gobern: Well, i’m trying to build out the main menu for a woocommerce site, problem is there is a huge volume of menus for the categories. It would be ideal if there was a product count against each category in the admin so these can be targeted better

Nellenback: The data being pulled in has duplicates, some empty categories etc so it’s a nightmare to work out which categories are the primaries and which should be removed / ignored / disabled

Beandoin: Is there any hooks to add to the functions.php to show this in the admin appearence menu product categories ?

Nordeen: Ryan–: “show_count”

Bartmess: Yeah but that’s for displaying on the frontend

Trout: I’m after a better admin display to select the right product categories to build out the main menu in appearence menus

Nimocks: Https://

Ringhouse: I did find this, where someones added deeper hierachy

Kuszynski: I guess i need a function like that to add the product count

Shifrin: Hello all. So, I’m working w/ a bit of ajax on a custom plugin. I CANNOT figure out what the URL is to post to. Any thoughts?

Kurtzer: I have been wanting to do some editing on my theme I have loaded

Underkoffler: I want to combine the jquery stuff but it is written in PHP and I am not 100% sure what to edit it with

Loatman: I want to make it so it has the latest version and is not loading from my server per say

Nordeen: Well, congrats on making no sense whatsoever. ;

Janoski: OK let me try again here

Prophett: In my theme that I have running on my site