Im using wp discus plugin,.

Lettiere: Can you try from Firefox Malbaurn?

Nordquist: It still doesn’t work here in Firefox lol

Arrojo: It’s my browser then . I need a restart hehe

Mchaney: When building an args array for WP_Query, can I provide two separate sets of meta_query arrays? One with relation = AND and the other with relation = OR?

Pritchell: I’m working on a custom search where some custom fields are required to include the search term and others are optional

Hellmann: Opsec you alive brotha?

Alpert: Anyone got an idea why get_posts would return empty the first iteration inside a foreach loop?

Berk: Https://

Staubin: Thanks Filipovich , I tried it both ways. same result.

Filipovich: And you should probably be using wp_query instead of get_posts

Reasor: Yeah, I thought about ditching get_posts as I’ve read it’s a little unpredictable outside the loop, but stubbornly trying to get to the bottom of why it’s behaving this way.

Jeng: I even tried running the exact same query in a simple for loop no change of terms argument and it always retuns empty on the first time around. Very curious.

Filipovich: Followed by  wp_reset_postdata after the loop

Savaria: MrPeppah: no, i died.

Marsella: Can anyone help me with a WooCommerce issue?

Pocchia: Http://!/Gl9n1/

Budin: Http:// What would be the proper way for omitting everything after get_header and before get_footer in this file, for just the front page? I tried something similar to if is_front_page { } else { .code. } ?, but that didn’t work at all

Enochs: When i try to add a widget on a page i got this error: 414 Request-URI Too Large nginx

Oslin: Ekaj: The proper way would be home.php or front-page.php

Movius: Ekaj:

Morelock: VanHagar5150, is not big, is a widget with where are company logos, are like 7 logos there

Werth: Hey guys I have been looking a clue for the _d function, I saw this on the creation of a categories drop down, wp_dropdown_categories.

Lander: Can you help me out on the parameter definition, I know the first one is the default string, but i get confuse with the numeric second parameter

Tsui: In which function / filter ?

Soqui: Reedyseth: No exact match found for ‘_d’ – See the full set of results at****r-function

Polisky: Aspock:is on the parameters of wp_dropdown_categories

Frieman: There’s Kahahane called “_d” in wp_dropdown_categories

Bytheway: Https://

Bittinger: Winland: check this out

Nauer: Http://

Verhaag: Aspock:

Burras: Reedyseth what is issue you’re facing ? dropdown markup is not echoing ?

Raman: Aspock:Yes it does, but I struggling to get all the children of the category so I am understanding the parameters.

Elles: Aspock:correct, it suppose to work, but I will double check it, perhaps my client setup a wrong category

Kienitz: Also depth is 1 so you will get all child of 20 only reedyseth, check if 20 exists and it does have children or not or try some other id

Biron: I’m afraid I still don’t know where you got _d from

Ghaor: There’s no such function in WordPress, please see for functions you cna use there, it’s just a string literal for when there’s no options to pick

Henedia: Where did _d came from ? 😛

Reier: Im using wp discus plugin, and after a server migration to aws, all new posts, the comment count for them is now showing, on the front page