I’m trying to set up a.

Morss: Yes I think that’s what I think it does

Morss: But now I’ve added a front-page.php and home.php and I don’t know what to do to loop the blog post in this mobile template homepage

Sebesta: It’s using UA sniffing to decide

Morss: Yes. Was how I thought of it exactly when I heard how it worked

Morss: Did you see my front-page.php and home.php in the repo?

Morss: I thought having them will just let me have the blog post loop

Devalk: Morss » I’m not sure what to say really you linked a repo to a seemingly “broken” theme, there’s no code in it to speak of

Morss: I’m making an attempt to loop through posts in the index.php

Blockmon: Although it’s referring to content.php

Ouimet: And that file isn’t in the repo

Badey: Also, IF index is being used as the last resort it would loop the posts of the current query. If there isn’t a query there’s Kahahane to show. So it really depends on how the theme is set up to function and from that repo I can’t see how it functions at all.

Lytal: It basically enqueues a stylesheet and a main.js file which in turn does something to a navigation and that’s basically it

Soprych: Most of the files are empty and also the repo was updated 13 minutes ago; so I wouldn’t count on this “theme” working properly.

Morss: I think you just saved me in a way by saying what you said. I copied that loop statement from another theme and I’ll just use something similar to its content.php file

Solid: Well, unless you are blackdust or w/e ;p

Morss: I didn’t figure get_template_part’content’ was referring to content.php

Kuehnert: Morss: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/get_template_part

Speidel: Whenever you see a function in template files odds are it’s WordPress-related thus being in the Codex for you to study!

Frix: If not it’s probably a custom function and should be in functions.php or in another included file therein

Morss: Ok thanks. I really hope following this will put an end to my problems for the morning

Zogby: Although custom functions are usually prefixed if “done right” so soemthing such as blackdust_posted_on or so should make sense

Labreque: Or in this case maybe “wpmav_function_name”

Morss: Okay bbl. Need to work on this

Hogsed: Get_template_part essentially “plucks” another file in place, they’re usually used to loop content.

Casto: So within the “while loop” you include a markup such as article stuff. /article and that is “looped” for so many times the while loop continues.

Gazda: I’ve also seen “loop” being used instead of “content” in such a way that it makes sense to loop stuff on specific places. Imagine having a gallery markup such as divimg //div for galleries, then you’d want “that” markup to be for each image found in said gallery, I’d say it’s more logical to call get_template_part ‘loop’, ‘gallery’ ; rather than get_template_part ‘content’, ‘gallery’ ; but I’m guessing this is just semantics 😀

Dornbusch: Meaning content-gallery.php vs. loop-gallery.php basically

Morss: Such as article doesn’t mean it strictly as to be article right? I’m using list items here

Morss: With articles in them

Morss: Parenting the loop with its ul

Fleener: I was asked to add a noindex, no follow to the category pages by the seo guy. he’s more knowledgable in this than me but I want to double check that it’s ok to do that? like is the content still indexed if I do that, as in its just preventing duplicate content from being indexed?

Bahr: Does yoast not have an option somewhere, bluenoser?

Crisp: I selected: Display ‘Languages’ as the widget title in my settings. I used : ?php do_action’wpml_add_language_selector’; ? but ‘Languages’ is never rendered in my page.

Talamantes: I’m trying to set up a second site under multisite, going in to activate a plugin and I get a blank white screen. Turning on WP_DEBUG just shows a notice, no errors. Where should I look next?