Im sorry. I just clicked.

Harry: Https://

Loreg: Drupal just is so weird

Kapper: Yes it is. everything about it is quite weird. ESPECIALLY if you’re very used to or learned on WordPress

Jukes: Not as bad as legacy Joomla though.

Kawahara: Dopie: you’re just pasting me code you already showed me

Jeng: Heh. working on a drupal / civicrm site over on the other monitor —

Moncure: Crisumi: lol dont get me started on joomla.

Tweddell: I pasted code with the save

Dorgan: Joomla !== legacy joomla 1.5 heh

Laforce: I treat them as 2 different beasts

Gofton: Jeng, i got thrown into drupal 6. maintaining it and getting ready for d6-d8 migration

Broussard: Dopie: you’ve already pasted the whole thing. I asked you, straight up, what is the results of your var_dumps

Pressnell: Basically had to crash course drupal for the past 3 weeks

Bendler: Thats why I hate Drupal though. updating is NEVER easy

Vannuck: Yeah from d8+ it should

Waugh: It has symfony and twig as well which kinda makes things interesting

Oldaker: It’s just a whole different world and community. but not that bad! the worst part is the old version part. when drupal8 comes out, i have 3 weeks before 6 is unsupported heh

Kinaj: RC1 comes out in ~ a few weeks

Vasher: Anywho, didn’t mean to bring my drupal convo here, just wanted to feel better by talking to wordpress folks lol

Leski: Https://

Zercher: Lol crisumi no worries

Wensel: Dopie: that doesnt really help me. I need to know what you dump, where in your code, and what the results were. Also, please format your arrays before pasting as one long string

Callison: Dopie:

Leins: Http://

Pevsner: Https://

Siskey: I set the nonce correctly

Salazar: I know its the save function

Spriggle: Its not saving the correct select box .

Kirchman: Dopie: what the hell are you dumping?

Danekas: Dopie: you havent followed instructions very well

Garavaglia: Where do you want me to put the dumps?

Hoare: Dopie: do you even know how to code, bro?

Sweatt: Dopie: why? because this is coding. and you’re havign some serious basic programming issues here

Krugh: I’ve always had a hard time with php/wordpress

Kaszinski: Dopie: you’re going to dump variables who’s values you want to test in the place you want to test it

Cuttino: Same with any other language really. you have a variable. you want to know if it has the right value before it’s sent here or posted there, you var_dump it

Koziak: So I did a var_dump inside save_first_story

Bassiti: Dopie: where and what variable?

Truner: Dopie: WHERE did you dump it. and what variables did you dump and what where their independent values?

Trevey: Can someone recommend a Plugin for a Facebook feed, i sadly cant afford a premium oplugin since im making a website for a non profit

Streeton: I just need it to display pictures

Jeng: Pushing to FB or pulling from FB?

Jeng: wordpress.html">Http://

Jeng: Https://

Jeng: What else did your google searches find, Rontill?

Palms: Im sorry. I just clicked through dozens of plugins i found on, i somehow didnt realize i could just google it