I’m researching the best.

Zakarian: How do I disable freshizer?

Williams: AbuDhar: If that’s a plugin, then deactivate it.

Malbaurn: I’d check functions.php

Malbaurn: I am probably running out of space

Liedberg: Malbaurn: found the file

Vriens: My mac is offically fubar’d

Anzaldo: Malbaurn: it ****s šŸ˜€

Malbaurn: Since its not a plugin there might be some code inside functions.php that enables that “script?!”

Whisted: Opsec, Filipovich, i went to bestbuy so i could use a yosmite bootable usbm started in option mode, selected the yosmite as startup, and it didnt work

Beneker: Malbaurn: I searched for it :

Kader: Let me search in the whole dir

Campo: It’s the theme that is using it

Marchak: But I am going to remove that

Malbaurn: Best to contact the author

Malbaurn: But there is probably some code inside the function.php :

Malbaurn: Ok file is created, 10 gigs

Juarez: Did it gzip it? tar it?

Malbaurn: It just stated “create compressed file”

Funn: In https://gist.github.com/staycreativedesign/10511442e9da6a88658a where do I add the else statement?

Weiskopf: What’s the extension on the end?

Frampton: That’s prolly why it’s so big, yeah.

Bialaszewski: You’re just gonna run: unzip whatever.zip — on the new server

Malbaurn: Weird thing is : space available: 10 gigs, space used: 24 gigs

Maretti: Then obv edit config.php to reflect new db

Gioffre: Do you have a lot of uploads or something?

Malbaurn: And wordpress seems to make 5 images out of every image

Malbaurn: Download done, lol this is awesome

Malbaurn: Gonna unzip it now, thanks so far for the extensive support

Fontane: Is there a need to have “if !defined’ABSPATH’ exit;” in your theme files?

Malbaurn: I feel like such an idiot for trying to download and reuploading everything

Rosiak: Prolly would timed outta your upload before even reaching 500mb to a gig

Malbaurn: It *****ed up the past few nights šŸ˜€

Malbaurn: Everything is running

Malbaurn: So i read previously that reindexing the database could speed up the site

Malbaurn: Especially if you have a ton of media uploaded

Krok: Discussion from iPhone is painful

Malbaurn: Does this even belong to wordpress or to mysql in general

Baseler: Sql in general, but the need for it usually really depends

Goldfischer: Seems my question was not answered

Malbaurn: Ok i see there might be other things that are more importend i guess

Malbaurn: Google used to provide something called pagespeed a couple months / years ago

Brandwein: All I saw you say was ‘morning’?

Malbaurn: But it’s not available anymore i guess

Quartucci: You could try running your URL on this and it’ll tell you how fast it loads — http://seositecheckup.com/

Critelli: Google has an Apache module called page speed

Malbaurn: Yes there’s https://developers.google.com/speed/

Tickner: Tools.pingdom.com is the best.

Ojard: Anybody here familiar with the post to post plugin?

Calles: Uncheck make scan public under advanced

Daversa: Has anyone here used the jw platform?

Bujarski: Actually Posts 2 Posts.

Gertel: Fri2: yeah. That is it.

Filipovich: Fris2: what was that about a mac?

Zeilman: I’m researching the best way to do the following. Basically, I have 2 post types. 1 for properties and 1 for submitted reviews of those properties. In the property list page/archive I want to pull certain data from the reviews to overlay each property.