I’m just wanting to make.

Sachez: It handles the slide from image to image

Sachez: Ok, well you go off and find some other plugin.

Mcnaughton: I don’t want to slide from image to image authomatically though. I want people to click on the thumbnail and see the larger image.

Mcnaughton: From the larger image perhaps they could slide to the next one, which might be cool

Sachez: It’s not the carousel of thumnails below a larger image, if that’s how you picture it.

Mcnaughton: Ok, I figured out how to get rid of the image crop :

Mcnaughton: Sachez: what I want is a page of thumbnails possibly paginated which you click on and see a larger image with description

Sachez: Nesoi: I’m done with this.

Mcnaughton: I’d said a while ago that I can’t use a carousel because there are thousands of images

Sachez: What I laid out for you will work EXACTLY as you want but because it requires a single login to wordpress.com — and no further data exchange — you won’t do it. Pagination is NOT an issue because it’s not necessary to automate that. You can manually create the galleries at X thumbnails to a page.

Mcnaughton: Sachez: ok thanks I’ll log into wordpress.com and check it out

Sachez: Just do the excercise I set out for you. Build a gallery of just 20 images with “add media – create gallery”. Enable Jetpack. Turn off all modules except “Carousel”. View the gallery.

Vonderahe: Hey guys, just wanting to setup permissions for my wordpress instance. ive done 755 for directory permissions, and 644 for file permissions. as for ownership, this is for a friends instance of wordpress so i have chowned his user:user and have chowned wp-content to www-data:www-data but i also want to give myself access to change files

Mcnaughton: Error 503 Backend fetch failed

Mcnaughton: When trying to connect jetpac k

Mcnaughton: What I was afraid of :

Sachez: Are you doing this on a private server e.g., localhost, with no outside access?

Mcnaughton: Nope. it was an error in WordPress‘s varnish server

Mcnaughton: Tried it again and it worked

Sachez: Sorbolene: give group write access and add both you and your friend to that group.

Sachez: So www-data:your-site-editor-group

Sachez: And make sure the umask is set to preserve that group write access

Sandall: Sachez: ive been reading on stackoverflow “most files should NOT be writeable by www-data. only wp-content. ”

Trentham: Sachez: sorry, permissions on unix is a weak point for me

Sachez: Sorbolene: if you want to get into that, then let’s do it right. Describe the server setup

Mcnaughton: Sachez: cool, that looks great. Now how would I change it so that it displays the title rather than the filename, and add the other data?

Sachez: The title does display, nesoi

Sachez: Look under settings – media

Mcnaughton: The title is the filename currently

Lenihan: Sachez: sure, bare with me appreciate your help in advance

Sachez: I’d rather bear with you. We don’t know each other THAT well.

Sachez: Check the media library, nesoi. What do you have as Title, Description, and caption for each image?

Mcnaughton: It has “show photo metadata exif in carousel”

Sachez: Yeah, you don’t want EXIF info.

Laster: Sachez: i have a dedicated server running debian with nginx, mariadb, etc. i’m running Ghost for my own purposes but i said i would host my friends website. i have everything served under /var/www/ . he is a user on the server but /bin/bash is false so he can’t ssh. he can however sftp but he is chrooted to /var/www/foo.com . his wordpress lives in /var/www/foo.com/html . he mainly sftps large music files to /var/www/foo.com

Sachez: OK, can’t help with that. I can do Apache under Centos.

Argiro: Sachez: disregard the underling web serving part

Amabile: I’m just wanting to make sure i have permissions right