I’m just giving you tips.

Briddick: Colonel_panic: http://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Create_A_Network

Lokan: You need to be more clear about what exactly you’re wanting.

Malachowski: Hmmm I don’t know? What’s the advantages of WPMS versus separate single sites?

Maheux: There are two sites for the same client.

Lokan: Then you want separate sites

Decelle: I suppose they’ll both run from the same server though

Lokan: Unless they’re totally intertwined

Pertubal: One is a real basic, single-page advertisement site

Hovanesian: The other is a more elaborate site for users of the client’s product

Chass: I guess they should be separate discrete sites

Lokan: Then yes, 2 separate db containers

Lokan: And 2 separate vhosts in httpd

Crispen: So I need to delete my wordpress db and create two different ones

Lokan: So /var/www/example.com and /var/www/example2.com

Lokan: You already created one apparently

Gronstal: Keep the wordpress sdb?

Lokan: You’re not making sense.

Melugin: Trying to type too fast

Lokan: Compose yourself and ask a single sentence question

Tiry: OK so I keep the wordpress database, but also create two new databases named so as to differentiate the two sites?

Lokan: Mysql/maria == a big box. database containers within that are like little boxes, which you then create tables, rows and columns databases in.

Lokan: Create 2 containers, 2 separate dba’s for each db container.

Heathcock: Using the latest version of wp on my local server. Creating a post and pasting an imgur url in that has 3 images. In the edit mode of the post, the embed looks fine and has side arrows to go through the 3 images. when I preview it though, the image is only showing the top half. I can still click the arrows for the next picture, but they all are cut the same way

Lokan: Tudda_wp: that doesn’t help anyone. sounds like css but that’s a wild guess.

Stern: So keep the db named “wordpress” and create two new db’s?

Colon: I’ve googled for imgur embed, post cropping images, and a bunch of similar things, the only thing I’ve seen twas to go settings – media and change the #’s for image thumbnails and it didn’t have any impact.

Lokan: Screenshots or make a live site people can see.

Lokan: Colonel_panic: again, no.

Lokan: Colonel_panic: 19:25:10 opsec create 2 containers, 2 separate dba’s for each db container.

Varakuta: Http://www.iswearimworking.com/?p=39

Manes: In edit mode – i tried pasting the imgur link directly , and I also tried to add media from URL. both behave the same way

Slacum: So I create 2 docker containers?

Victorino: I’m completely lost here

Lokan: Tudda_wp: it’s your theme

Lokan: Tudda_wp: http://imgur.com/osD6e56

Lokan: Colonel_panic: you have 2 things to do, create 2 mysql/maria dbs and dba’s for them, create 2 new httpd vhosts.

Rasely: That gives me somewhere to start from, thank you opsec

Lokan: Tudda_wp: it’s some inline styling being added by your theme, i highlighted it.

Lokan: Colonel_panic: you need to break this up into smaller bits so you understand what you’re doing.

Ells: SHould I follow the instructions here” http://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Installing_Multiple_Blogs

Lokan: Colonel_panic: step 1, make and test 2 httpd vhosts.

Valdivieso: Opsec, yes, that’s a reasonable approach

Lokan: I’m telling you what to do, get 2 httpd vhosts working first. that’s step 1

Lokan: If you need help with that, start there, don’t overwhelm yourself with mysql on top of it

Compono: I’m researching that now

Lokan: I’m just giving you tips and guiding you along.