Im just answering.

Markwell: Nesoi: if you want pagniation, you need to code that

Lawbaugh: Sachez: lol, probably true.

Mcnaughton: Sachez: cool, how would I do that, and what about title etc?

Sachez: It’s part of the image. stop asking questions now. .here’s what you do.

Sachez: Set up a WP site. add a few images. Add descriptions, captyions, etc.

Sachez: From the add media buttton, create a gallery. Install Jetpack and enable “carousel”.

Sachez: When you have that done, we can talk more. Otherwise. .well,

Mcnaughton: One thing: the images you have are all the same dimensions. I want each thumbnail to retain the dimensions of the full image

Tschoepe: Pagination isnt that hard in a regular query is it?

Mcnaughton: I mean the aspect ratio

Mcnaughton: Is that difficult to do?

Mcnaughton: With Benzing cropped in the thumbnails


Tschoepe: Nesoi install the add from server plugin

Madriz: Nesoi: Sachez just ignore poiz . he adds very little


Tschoepe: Import the images based on the directory structure

Tschoepe: Add descriptions whatever to them

Tschoepe: Like import from one category at a time

Tschoepe: Like it seems the structure is

Tschoepe: Andyeah what Sachez said

Salach: Hi, how can I add a different cl*** to each arg here: ?php echo ‘lost_p***word’ == $args’form’ ? __ ‘Reset P***word’, ‘woocommerce’ : __ ‘Save’, ‘woocommerce’ ; ?” /

Mcnaughton: Ok let’s see, thanks for the help. Not sure why I seem to be annoying in my questions!

Sachez: Heaven helps those who help themselves, as does this channel

Gilfillan: Build a man a fire, keep him warm for the night. set a man on fire, keep him warm the rest of his life.

Dammad: Nesoi: if you try a few plugins suggested so far with a small sample of images you will understand the ability and limitations more. Then you can come back to ask with more specific details.

Kornbau: Nesoi: I guess that’s what they mean.

Hondel: Opsec: you might be interested in see tibetans fire themselfs. one of those images recently saw and it’s on my head for life.

Sachez: Horacsio: where is that line for the p***words coming from?

Shonerd: Sachez: from form-lost-p***word.php woocommerce

Sachez: Are you editing core plugin code?

Sachez: What do you want to style?

Sachez: The contents of $args’form’ ?

Billot: Yes, this: __ ‘Reset P***word’, ‘woocommerce’ and this: __ ‘Save’, ‘woocommerce’

Sachez: That’s some really awful PHP code. what is the output? Do you have it someplace I can inspect it?

Goyco: It’s a woocommerce template inside the myaccount folder

Sachez: What do you want to happen?

Tschoepe: Nesoi heres a basic gallery template

Tschoepe: Can easily be expanded to include stuff

Sachez: Poiz: I sent him off with a specific task. Let’s see if he can do that first.

Peeler: I need __ ‘Save’, ‘woocommerce’ to go lower than __ ‘Reset P***word’, ‘woocommerce’

Sachez: Horacsio: I really need to see the markup

Tschoepe: Post_status should be ‘any’ but yeah

Tschoepe: It gets all attachments from a certain category with pagination

Searight: Sachez:

Tschoepe: However need css, maybe jquery for more details

Sachez: Poiz: all yours. I’m out. If you want to butt in, you deal with it entirely.

Tschoepe: Sachez sorry i didnt mean to

Tschoepe: Im just answering randomly