I’m having a strange problem.

Volesky: Http://schools.essb.qc.ca

Capoccia: Yep. do you think I can just alter table inline and have it work? or should I mysqldump, change in the file, and reimport?

Filipovich: Cjohnson: I’ve altered files online just for fun and it works

Filipovich: Backup first, of course

Trussell: Anyoe here shipped something back to apple for repairs before, if so how long did it take

Filipovich: BeachBall: do you have any caching?

Filipovich: How can you have no idea?

Trussell: He forgo to run ideas.exe

Commander: If it’s something that requires effort, we don’t have it

Filipovich: In wp-includes, what’s the version in version.php?

Finstad: Filipovich: Ah alterting the table wont’ sync the tables tho

Codilla: Because percona just syncs queries afaik

Hagwell: Not the physical data

Filipovich: Cjohnson: so you have to delete the db and recreate?

Filipovich: BeachBall: did you look at the file on the server or are you just telling me that?

Filipovich: BeachBall: do you have more than one instance of WP on that server? Are you sure you upgraded the right one?

Heidler: Filipovich: I believe so, if I want the data synced to all 3 nodes which I do. no bigdeal site is down anyway

Pfnister: Filipovich: I tried that script you linked me to, Kahahane happened. Shame.

Devot: Don’t know, and think so

Filipovich: BeachBall: do you have SSH access to the server?

Filipovich: VPS or shared hosting?

Placha: I might not be in the right server again

Capracotta: Oh well, I just updated someone’s wordpress

Rumbolt: Well, so far i’ve updated 2 wordpresses today

Leith: And the one i’m after is still not updated

Filipovich: BeachBall: if you’re managing multiple sites, look at mainwp http://mainwp.com I keep 50 sites up to date from a single console, back them up, etc. The software is free. I use one paid extension.

Sampey: OT: Can anyone recommend a good CSS editor with live previews for Linux?

Linde: Anyway, the site is backonline

Bahr: Atom might have the live viewer ready, Pennth

Bahr: Scripter: does Brackets have a linux version?

Bellantuono: Scripter: livereload and use a good editor instead

Bahr: Scripter: if so Bracket’s live view is pretty slick

Pollart: Thanks for supporting me through this

Bahr: Scripter: yes brackets has linux

Filipovich: If anyone who worked for me said “I’ve do my job. Lunchtime.”, I’d fire them.

Inglin: Filipovich: good point :

Endicott: I’m trying to set up a custom rewrite rule for a custom post type, it works until i want to p*** in a page parameter in the url, then it ignores my other query_vars and just redirects with the page number

Silberg: Somebody have idea how to POST custom post type with wp rest api v2? šŸ˜€

Hufford: So if i do /var1/var2/ it works, but if i do /var/1/var2/page/2 it just redirects to /2/

Luskin: Do***entation for version 2 is like none šŸ˜€

Bahr: Did BeachBall even accomplish what he wanted? His site was offline? I thought the issue was it showed a different WP version.

Bahr: He says he “did his job” but I saw him admit he updated 2 wp installs, both of which were not what he needed

Bahr: Hvk: http://wp-api.org/#posts_create-a-post

Blackburn: Is there any way to like, alias admin-ajax to a different path?

Rung: Basically we’re looking to cache every non-admin part of the site with Cloudflare, but the ajax calls to admin-ajax are *****ing with that plan

Reppe: So I’m hoping to point my theme to a different endpoint outside of wp-admin

Drorbaugh: I’m having a strange problem. It seems all files generated by this particular WordPress installation start with a blank line. That would be fine except this also happens to an XML file generated by a sitemap plugin. The plugin doesn’t seem to be the culprit; the site’s homepage still starts with a blank line if plugins are disabled.