If you’re not giving.

Segota: Novavex: if I mention you in a message your discussion client might highlight the message/ my name

Yaple: LindsayMac: oh, dur. Ok.

Bugayong: See now i’m not mentioning you. it probably doesn’t look red

Manciel: I’m not mentioning anybody and I’m still red.

Hillabush: You’re not red to meeeee

Geberth: Manciel, has my message changed color now for you in some way?

Manciel: In nnscript thats red :p

Manciel: Http://i.imgur.com/VnqjaaL.png

Presha: Anyone use Composer / Packagist?

Gruett: Manciel: Soben its all different depending on your discussion client

Nosal: No one can see your settings

Buttrum: Manciel: was that for me?

Manciel: SeriousMatters: yes :

Inloes: I am new to WordPress and I am interested in Composer/Packagist.

Nethercutt: Hi. I got virus on a page im doing can i remove it by deleting all the files

Rotella: Do you know any wp plugin template/skeleton?

Tokay: First i found out my page is blacklistet by norton

Topper: SeriousMatters, plugins support such a huge variety, I don’t believe there’s any skeleton. but follow this guideline https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Writing_a_Plugin

Nordeen: WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate">Https://github.com/DevinVinson/WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate

Nordeen: wordpress-plugin-boilerplate/">Http://www.sitepoint.com/wordpress-plugin-boilerplate/

Nordeen: Http://getherbert.com/

Schnur: Opsec: thanks all 4 links seems to be the same thing. ;

Munkberg: I scaned it with Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI and it gave me a list of threats

Cremeans: What files were affected?

Campau: Opsec: the last one is composer friendly. seems interesting. Thank you

Waldvogel: 3 php files and 12 js files

Ueda: Quick solution is to yes, upload fresh copies of these files.

Cadelina: And then go make sure that they have proper permissions.

Mcdonough: And change p***words for FTP, WP, etc.

Girolamo: Code8r: install WordFence. It will do daily scans and compare your stuff to official files.

Gambrel: Sterndata, found out which plugin caused the problem

Yadao: But I still have this:

Nagata: Hi its possible to print json Data in WP Post?

Polnau: Notice: register_sidebar er kaldt forkert. id blev ikke fundet i listen med attributter til din “” sidebar. Standarden “” benyttes i stedet. Du skal manuelt sætte id til “” for at skjule denne meddelelse og beholde det eksisterende indhold i din sidebar. Se Fejlsøgning i WordPress for at finde flere oplysninger. Denne meddelelse blev tilføjet i version 4.2.0. in public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3622

Trinkle: Register_sidebar is not called correctly 😀

Powis: Any of you have favorite plugins to help facilitate moving a site from staging to live? needs to be compatible with AWS

Regis: I am not fond of the wordpress debugger.

Rowbottom: Why does it not say where I have called the register_sidebar incorrectly?

Wilensky: I am trying to add a mailchimp signup form to my wordpress website, but there appears to be a problem with the confirmation messages and error messages not showing up

Malekzadeh: It works, but no success or error messages are displayed, which makes for a weird user experience.

Nordeen: So, that gives us exactly zero usable facts or info to help you ;

Craig: I am not sure which details to give to be honest, I was wondering if this was a common issue or something.

Traill: Apparently it may have to do with a javascript conflict

Nordeen: Facts are: exact plugins or code being used, exact error messages, links to live a site illustrate the behavior.

Nordeen: If you’re not giving *details* when asking for help, all help is simply guessing.