If you do that and it.

Trussell: I think my dog hurt her leg she cant jump on the bed anymore

Bahr: My cat hurt her spine— we woke up one morning and she was flipping out. couldnt move her legs at all.

Bahr: No flippin idea except maybe she jumped really high and jumped back down idk.

Bahr: Cats are always resiliant little b-tards 😛

Woodmore: Hey folks, I’m having some problems with the Simple 301 Redirects plugin, I have a redirect, request=/blog, destination=http://example.com, when I visit /blog, I get 404, any ideas?

Vidals: Fris: both my dogs have bum legs. what kind of dog?

Trussell: Randy53215 should i get macbook new one, or macbook air not going to do anything major with it

Hermanowicz: Ahh yea. skinny legs and chubby body ?

Trussell: Ya sometimes when she usd to runn the leg would pop out of the socket

Lafever: Would pop out of the socket or the knee cap would slip?

Trussell: They had to pop it back in, usally when she was running fast around a corner

Trussell: Pac does blog exist a page?

Trussell: Ill be back later jays game is on, hopefully they win today, been 22 years ;

Borek: SURE you’re not talking about the kneecap ? the entire leg popping out is a big deal

Archilla: Fris: don’t think so, not if it’s 404 surely?

Malbaurn: Hm doesnt seemed to work

Dobias: Malbaurn: are you actually following instructions or just copy.pasting?

Bahr: The answer should be BOTH! BOTH! heh 😛

Malbaurn: Still getting the old text

Malbaurn: Http://pastebin.com/0598sevv

Malbaurn: This is what iam doing in my functions.php

Filipovich: Pac: do you have a page or post with the slug “blog” already? Even in trash?

Bahr: Man im over here like WTH is that noise? and it’s pastebin’s ads lmao

Sassano: Filipovich: not sure how I could search for one, this is a site that I didn’t originally build sadly

Malbaurn: Double checked the file path and the data inside the files, it is indeed the changed text

Filipovich: Pac: look under all pages and all posts, I guess

Daugereau: Interestingly, if I set the request to *blog* it works

Bahr: Malbaurn: what is the return value? true or false?

Antrim: Bahr: the addition of the little horn icon on the tabs of browsers that are playing audio in chrome has been a life saver

Bahr: Bu***and: yeah but i had no idea. it was a subtle tinging noise.

Douet: Tracking down a rogue tab thats playing audio ads was a PITA

Bahr: For about 5 seconds i was legitmately like WWTF

Bahr: Bu***and: i went to greek festival and got a shirt for my boy that says “My little PITA” with a greek flag and under PITA it says “Pain in the.”

Vanwyck: Filipovich: in fact, *blog works, so weird

Delekta: Filipovich: haha, looks like it wants a full path in the request field, even though it doesn’t say so in the do***entation .

Filipovich: Hmmm. I don’t think I’ve had to do that with that plugin

Budziszewski: Yea, it’s very strange, on the old hosting it actually worked with the old method eg /blog – / but on this new one, /blog – / doesn’t work, but http://example.com/blog – / does

Malbaurn: So what else can i do? load_textdomain returns true but the text is not changed

Mazzocco: Malbaurn: debug where you went wrong

Malbaurn: No clue where to start

Gudmundson: Malbaurn: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

Bahr: Maybe that will help :

Bahr: This will rule out an issue with your themes and/or plugins

Bahr: If you do that and it WORKS, well then you have custom code whacking it up or a crappy plugin