If you are talking about.

Rajaniemi: So I just need to link to something that will trigger that scirpt

Stelluti: Mrbubbles: so you can put your script’s functions in a file that is included in functions.php if you want

Stigers: Mrbubbles: then do if$_POST’submit’ { do_my_function; }

Pulaski: Mrbubbles: thats the super simple way

Batto: Ah neat, that is simple 😀

Blubaugh: Mrbubbles: easy peasy

Rubner: Mrbubbles: alternatively you can also use ajax to not trigger a page refresh

Capdeville: So I’d click the link… that would send an ajax rquest to the php function, which would read the cookie so I wouldn’t need to send the cookie contents? but what would happen to the PDF?

Senavanh: Ah I’d just save it somewhere and return a link?

Brownfield: Mrbubbles: I dont know exactly what your php function does or how you’re generating your PDF but I suppose so. sure

Noss: So anyone have any ideas as to what could cause anything to get saved with an id of 0

Strackbein: Bowenac: is it only happening on import and only to the posts that are getting saved on import and those thereafter?

Abbassi: Seems to me it would be something in wp_options

Ikuta: It happens from in the dashboard adding a new user, new post, Elenbaas updates

Turso: That is what I am currently trying to debug, something is causing new posts, users, updates etc to not save correctly

Gehrig: But when. does it happen after import? Only on NEW stuff? Is old stuff updated with the 0 ID as well?

Ososki: Im gonna try to grab just the wp_options from the old db

Munderville: Id of 0 is on new stuff

Ragsdale: Updates just are not saving

Stroot: I have a lot of id’s of 0 in the db in different tables, and missing primary keys etc

Longobardi: And only AFTER you migrate the new stuff over. ?

Snook: Oh weir.d. so updates arent even saving at all?

Aranas: On the new staging I imported the old db, and everything works as expected. I then copied wp_posts, wp_postmeta from the broken site to get all the posts, pages, etc which worked fine

Wigelsworth: But we are using a plugin called WP Do***ent Revisions which allows you to add a do***ent file, and the url for the post goes to the actual do***ent file

Sorotzkin: But after inserting the current wp_posts, and wp_postmeta and running search and replace it sends to a 404

Rothacher: Even though the do***ent does exsits, and the guid is correct

Schouviller: Everything else still works, adding new posts, duplicating slide tabs, adding new users etc

Fiorillo: Moved a site to a staging server and woocommerce is totally ****ed

Engelhard: Joep_: Please help us keep Mintz a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Beissel: Hi all — wondering if there are hooks or plans for forcing the new p***word complexity option in 4.3 https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/force-strong-p***words-via-wordpress-option-hook-or-constant

Bratchett: So the shopping cart is a mess, it says its empty when its not, randomly adds items etc

Palm: How is it possible to create a page made to manage a custom post type ? add/delete/modify ? Do I have to code it myself or is there a prebuilt functionnality in wordpress able to do that ?

Muse: BZx: there are plugins that can help accomplish those tasks via wp-admin

Rechel: Custom Post Type UI is one of them.

Wieman: Here: I don’t meant a way to add new custom posts or taxonomies. I meant a way to have an administration place like “Posts” able to manage only some posts of a custom type.

Schow: BZx: Have you already tried this? CPT’s usually get their own menu item, where you can manage only “posts” of that custom type.

Abdin: You can toggle this option in code using the show_ui flag, and CPT UI plugin will allow control of this as well

Embt: If you are talking about permissions for a specific role, that is a different question.