If you are only using wp.

Zingler: Im a complete newb to angular

Ebershoff: I wanted to try it for ages

Kindell: Its pretty nice, for if you create complicated forms or if you want to do simple ajax with wordpress, not having to reload at every intreaction etc

Ciarlo: Yes it sure looks good

Gootz: But i’m always put off when it comes to database connections

Beichner: Too much of a learnign curve there i think

Goosen: I then just do php and mysql :

Crusoe: Ya I see what you mean

Kinnunen: I’ve never used angular up until last month, and I successfully combined it with wp, so I wouldn’t say its too much of a learning curve

Too: I added new site to network in my wordpress admin panel, but if i tried to go to admin panel of my new site i have an error 404. Could someody help me?

Costenive: Zagaza: did you go with the codeschool tutorial? or just the google getting started tutorials?

Nickle: Mhm i thpught you need to use mongodb with angular but it seems you can access sql databases

Smither: I sould look into it more i think

Paddison: I need to install again the wordpress in my location of new site?

Bena: I guess the reason for the 404 has to do with the domain setting

Goings: Have you chosen to use the folder install style or the subdomain style

Compagna: I send to you my domain setting from apache. I don’t use subdomain.xxx.com i use yyy.xxx.com/subpage

Popkin: Tho you wouldnt get a 404 then

Lene: The yyy.xxx.com is main site od network

Zelkind: Http://pastebin.com/3APDwT2F – there my apache settings

Deak: Whats the new subsite?

Ledyard: Alias /slodkachatka /home/solina/slodkachatka/

Gambale: This redirects to a subfolder that is empty

Nishiyama: First i have no that and it was the same problem

Verlinden: Are you sure you created the subsite?

Vanzante: As far as i know on folder based multisite all this is handled by permalinks in the folders .htaccess anyways

Arter: No need to make adjustments on apaches domain config

Cerutti: I went to site admin and there i was add

Obryon: I used this tutorial: WordPress/a/Create-A-New-Site-On-Your-WordPress-Network.htm">http://cms.about.com/od/WordPress/a/Create-A-New-Site-On-Your-WordPress-Network.htm

Guziak: So where is my new site?

Layfield: Which ever you picked

Layfield: Goto your main site login it will show you the list of sites and links to the dashboards

Alsdon: Firs but i have an error 404

Loudermelt: Where i check dashborad or somthing from my new site

Layfield: What are you cliking on my sites

Bevan: Dashboard of my new site

Layfield: Have you added the proper htacccess when you created your network? as well as the additional stuff to wp-config?

Layfield: It uses a diff htaccess then the orig one

Ginsburg: Http://pastebin.com/h52aqLpj – my htaacces which i put in installation process

Berkovitch: Ehh. i have no idea to repair it

Layfield: What about your wp config additions

Layfield: Ive nver setup a sub dir multisite before, only on sub domains

Layfield: So my htaccess is different

Panagiotopoul: Fris: http://pastebin.com/iwJKgyFa

Borglum: Hi guys. Does anybody know what forum plugins does wordpress.org use?

Barcley: It seems to be integrated without categories, which is what I’m looking for

Majid: I’m not sure if it’s bbPress or something else

Burm: Fris, thank you kind sir :

Layfield: If you are only using wp for a forum, i would suggest something else, but if you are looking to tie it into your wp site, then bbpress