If we simply used our.

Chlebus: Jeng: https://gist.github.com/LucaBear/ca9b0c43c1c9462c81bf

Lokan: Too many cooks in the kitchen.

Montiel: Sokoll: for the record. folks are being nice, but this is not the room for hosting / networking support.

Jeng: Nsookup www.oeproject.com returns nxdomain — you didn’ tadd this to your DNS

Hutching: Scavotto: I know, I appreciate it.

Royston: Scavotto: I did go into httpd and they were. hostile.

Jeng: Just add it to your DNS and stay focused

Lokan: Sokoll: no they weren’t

Lokan: I was there. you were being off topic and it’s strictly enforced there.

Feldhaus: Sokoll: again. you’re lucky today but this is NOT the room for that

Jeng: So are you going to let me help him or not?

Lokan: Sokoll: the fact is, you have hosting, dns/networking issues.

Lokan: Maybe better in private.

Jeng: Or we can go back to the Swedish BDSM site :-

Lokan: It’s bound to be messy in here considering how much space has been wasted already and his level of knowledge

Lohmeier: I do appreciate the help people give me, it’s just difficult when I have a number of issues that all relate to one another.

Lokan: Plus, less people jumping in

Hanes: Opsec: for the record, thumbs is often very condescending and rude, even when you are on topic.

Lokan: Sokoll: the main problem is you don’t have the prerequisite knowledge, not bad, just a fact . makes it difficult for everyone

Dunemn: Scavotto: a user in httpd

Garitty: Opsec: I appreciate that, but having a RTFM attitude doesn’t help things, if people are here to help, then patience is needed.

Presson: Opsec: something not everyone has

Tarkey: Sokoll: ok. lets move on now. You aren’t helping your case.

Lokan: Sokoll: for the record, thumbs is one of the most knowledgeable and responsible people i’ve met here in my 10 years on this network

Lokan: Sokoll: go sit in there for a year and help people daily, let me know how you fare. ;

Milman: Opsec: I do it for a living, I work in support and IT – I’m just new to my Sys admin job.

Lokan: Sokoll: the subject is irrelevant

Madalinski: Opsec: I meant, I have the patience to help people, regardless of their skills and knowledge.

Lokan: You were refusing to follow what he said, and it was off topic.

Orenstein: Sokoll: doing it FOR FREE on discussion an anonymous chat service is entirely different than working in the industry.

Lokan: There’s no defense for it really. if you’re off topic, getting mad about it doesn’t suddenly make it “on topic” ;

Nole: But really. this has gone off the rails.

Seitz: Scavotto: this is php

Lokan: There’s no coddling going on there. no hand holding. “teach a man to fish. ” is the mentality.

Lokan: A lot of people come in here, go off on tangents when someone is trying to help them unfocused, don’t respond in a timely manner disrespect, don’t follow directions disorganized, or become argumentative and emotional when those are the last things needed to solve a logic problem.

Lokan: Sadly, *most* people in the whole world are this way by default.

Cua: That’s a harsh generalization

Lokan: But, to their credit, we’re all taught to be that way, because it’s easier to control ;

Lawman: I don’t want to get into a whole discussion here because it’s way off topic, but there’s totally faults on both ends, and believe it or not it’s pretty equal

Kilkenny: That’s why this conversation keeps coming up.

Lokan: We’re trained globally to be easy to control herd animals.

Balafoutas: And thats not how causation works

Lokan: If we simply used our resources equitably and respected each other and things just “worked” that’s bad for control.