If a theme has an ‘epanel’.

Pfeiff: No, just rename the folder

Delamater: From mytheme to mytheme-inactive, for example

Cybulski: That should put on on twentyfifteen

Bagdonas: And then we can see if the error you get when you try to login goes away

Selvidge: Sam__: has your site ever worked? If so, what did you do right before it broke?

Trundle: I am not shore, have to do. but first , i will put back customizr in cpanel and write ju a messeges

Dance: NO, please do what I asked you to do

Irle: And how can you not be sure if your site ever worked?

Mittelsteadt: Sterndata: just an FYI the mysql upgrade is being a pain in the *** but I fixed the immediate concern. the mysql temp folder was pointed to the windows temp folder which was so full of crap it took forever to load even inside of windows explorer. once I redirected the mysql temp folder it now starts up just as fast as it should

Yergin: First no, i delite pluggings and start to work

Kuipers: Mr_Midnight: interesting. Windows failure to automatically manage the temp directory has been an incredible oversight since Windows 3. :-

Hutten: All this hepend, when wordpress update automaticly

Pinchback: So your site is working now, sam__?

Drakes: But, I can not go to deshbourd

Domiano: Then it’s NOT working.

Lanigan: What happens when you try to go to site.com/wp-admin?

Falso: Is it that error you posted way back? If so, CHANGE TO THE TWENTYFIFTEEN THEME as I asked.

Montesinos: Did have some messages, I can not remember, but someone here told me to go to cpanel and change. www.rsforyou.com.au

Couch: Sam__: ok, it seems you’re on the 2013 theme. I can get to wp-admin. Can you login?

Cantre: By the way, you need to fix up that site. a lot of spelling and grammar errors.

Nurre: Sterndata: it wasn’t really windows. php was set to use the windows temp directory as well but wasn’t cleaning up after itself. it now has its own directory for temp files as well so that it shouldn’t break anything else

Fulwider: Warning: require_once/home/rsc49170/public_html/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/rsc49170/public_html/wp-admin/index.php on line 13 Fatal error: require_once: Failed opening required ‘/home/rsc49170/public_html/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php’ include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’ in /home/rsc49170/public_html/wp-admin/index.php on line 13

Bostwick: Sam__: so we’re back to square one. if you look in wp-admin/includes, is the file dashboard.php there?

Lookadoo: Please respond in a timely manner. I cannot wait 4 minutes between responses

Fines: Does the file wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php exist?

Bennefield: I’m sure I said that earlier

Klei: Bennefield: you certainly did!

Timm: Anyhow, I feel like that took several hours.

Smitz: Sterndata, and its 4.1.8.awesome

Volesky: Hi all, if I use nginx with wordpress, do I need .htaccess file ?

Kilduff: Im just confused as to how to make that multi site installation works

Gillett: Darkp***enger: is apache specific so unless you do additional config you won’t be using the .htaccess file no

Richter: So i can just get rid of that file

Gillett: It won’t be getting used no

Maisch: So that take cares of that

Kosse: Now, i am using a wordpress installation that I copied from our main server and im trying to run locally, ive modified my host file so localhost is localhost.com, to help the multisite,

Prettyman: My nginx config works well for the network dashboard, the main site dashboard but the subdomain is not found, do you guys have tips ?

Vanzandt: If needed i can post my nginx config too

Endresen: Hi. sorry, I press exidently rong buton and cencel every thing

Nock: If a theme has an ‘epanel’ on the theme options menu, and has a field for custom css override, I won’t lose the customization after an update, will I?