I would say you start here:.

Steppello: Cef: Sounds about right. Good job.

Vangoff: Lenswipee: np. Sorry about before. I get a bit upset at people who “help out” who can’t take the time to help someone out, but take the time to chew them out.

Bedlion: You have no idea what you’re talking about cef

Bedlion: I’ve never seen you here, i’m here everyday. helping people.

Pierdon: Cef: I hear you loud and clear. He has been repremanded on that before.

Bedlion: Haha, enjoy children.

Vangoff: Lenswipee: Meh. I’m not fussed. Figure out whom to ignore that way.

Gilman: Lenswipee: I wouldn’t poke on opsec for that, you weren’t the beacon of good behaviour too

Reynosa: Siddharth030: opsec is probably right, it isn’t a WordPress problem

Vara: Cef: In this case, opsec is actually doing good work by first asking the user how they’re interacting with the system

Tassoni: It would be good for everyone to just wait for him to answer questions, rather then saying it could be ______________

Vangoff: Brandis: Based on what he asked, it was a fairly simple question. The replies from others still come across as blunt to me, which IMO deters people from answering questions. Anyway, I actually just went to the demo site for the theme and looked at the source and found what I mentioned above.

Vangoff: Brandis: And sure it’s not a WP core question, it’s really a WP theme problem, but it’s not like it’s a huge jump that someone would at least be able to point the poor person in the right direction.

Marinella: That’s fair, but do emphathise a little, not just on the users who come in here but also on the volunteers who are probably a little burnt out :

Vangoff: Brandis: As someone who’s been on discussion tech channels since about 96, I know how that works. If you’re feeling worn out, then it’s not the users problem, it’s your problem. Always helps to step back a little. 😀

Rudie: Cef: I couldn’t have said it better myself :-

Bartolone: Nevertheless, the little banter above wasn’t needed. Drop us a line on slack #forums and if there is anything not too nice, we can deal with it

Poissant: There’s someone else using foundation zurb with wordpress to create theme?

Gilreath: I will attend WordCamp Zurich in little more than a week. WordCamp Utrecht the following week.

Sioma: You should just ask the question you want to ask, might be easier

Guanche: Pixolin: That’s cool 😀

Hunstad: Darudev_: have you seen JointsWP.com yet?

Lutrick: Jointswp is a starter theme uses foundation, is it right?

Salvant: Sure i have already seen it and uses then i have installed foundationPress theme as a starter

Steinhouse: My doubt is how organize content using s*** cl*** and other, so how create or modify a starter theme with foundation

Sackal: Hm? what does content have to do with S***?

Stock: I don’t see a lot of do***entation, only some html templates given from foundation zurb

Karst: Foundation is pretty well do***ented actually

Hryniewich: Using cl*** s*** instead css or not? i have seen that style.css into template theme is only to work wordpress and not to using

Lewan: You compile the CSS files from your S***

Kennington: So i need to create a persnal /*.scss file ?

Corbin: Have you ever looked into the Foundation do***entation?

Patino: Are there any notable differences between foundationpress and jointswp ?

Mould: I can’t tell. did you look into both?

Patino: No, I only used foundationpress

Jensrud: One reason I like jointswp.com is that it is well commented which makes it rather easy to get started

Patino: Darudev_: Seems to me that the FoundationPress README on Github is a good starting point : https://github.com/olefredrik/FoundationPress

Andy: I would say you start here: http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/s***-files.html