I want to do it by myself,.

Seyb: As soon as I have more than 283 – crash

Namanworth: Output buffers should have Halcom to do with the queries themselves – it should have to do with whatever caching systems are in place typically

Colegrove: Nialcen: listen to jphase

Segelhorst: Clearing out those caches typically helps, restarting memcached, etc. etc. etc.

Hightree: The ol’ fashion jump start of varnish, etc.

Lycan: Nialcen: hes talking about server page caches

Vanzanten: And all caches in W3TC

Acebo: Nialcen: W3TC is what caches – it will cache TO something typically

Wasylow: Do you have memcached, or apc?

Schirpke: Don’t even know what it is

Darnley: Nialcen: are you the systems/server admin?

Schmerer: And do you have ssh/root access?

Buff: Okay, then nevermind – you’d need to be able to start/stop services – that’s only ***uming you even run one of them

Russo: What I can understand, is this number limit .

Cherney: I can’t query more than 283 posts from a category, and I never had such a problem before

Gory: Scavotto: I’m searching to customise a PRO slideshow, have you perhaps everread the word “PRO”?

Hootman: Nialcen: do you have minification options turned on in W3TC?

Sorber: I unpublished some, so it display properly, however I can’t stay like this

Ulses: Disable those and refresh

Sarbacher: You’re looking into the wrong thing

Curby: The results from the db is not the problem – your db doesn’t limit that, just php execution time if anything

Vanish: An output buffer occurs with page caches and minification etc.

Jeng: Cliffer: it is possible to work with ngg’s CSS. I’ve done it.

Runfola: The number of posts you’re pulling causing that error is just haphazard

Grodi: Jeng: even on pro galleries? where the gallerie is located in an iframe and the custom.css is loaded only in the outer page?

Jeng: In an iframe? well, then you’re SOL.


Jeng: You’e using the WP plugin?

Setzer: I disabled any mignify

Abatiell: Nialcen: it honestly sounds to me if I had to guess like you have W3TC minification going and some other minification or page cache or something that starts another output buffer running on top of that

Gallardo: Nialcen: disable all of your caching plugins and start one by one

Derryberry: Nialcen: see what happens

Thoroughgood: Nialcen: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

Beyene: Jeng: yes i am using the nggallery wordpress plugin

Oto: Jeng: plus the pro version


Ramales: Ah no, its not pro, its plus

Maranan: But the gallery is lcoated in an iframe, so the custom.css does not apply

Jeng: The advice I posted to you was from NextGen, but since you’re a PRO you should ask them for support because you paid for it.

Quaglieri: Jeng: yeah, thanks for that

Staniforth: Jeng: i thought perhaps anybody has a solution on hand

Jeng: Yes, the one from nextgen’s own support site.

Dourado: Jeng: translation: I wanted someone to do it for me

Jeng: What’s your site’s URL

Tropiano: Jphase : I disabled mignify, exact same thing

Kopin: I’ll try disabling stuff

Pavelko: Nialcen: just keep going down the line yeah, one by one starting with anything that optimizes or caches or minifies

Fulco: I want to do it by myself, but I think it is not even possible without modifying core plugin files