I thought they were using.

Eckhard: Wish I could find a slider that you can use outside IE subdomain and the like for images

Otex: Is there anything special to have a form submit to itself with 4.3? I’m getting a blank page upon submission, works in test site but not live, I’ve checked for generic names so far

Baylock: Techshop: Should be in the “Advanced Design Settings” tab of the Full Width Slider

Beebee: Techshop: “Hide Content on Mobile”

Widjaja: On the divi builder in the page?

Schemm: Techshop: Yeah, Pages == your page == Full Width Slider module in Divi Page Builder

Igles: Its already set to no

Vanloo: Techshop: Okay. Let me poke at your page.brb

Troth: Nootrope_, its on that page but its show image on mobile

Gorovitz: Nootrope_, much thanks for your help 😀

Dearmond: Techshop: it’s showing it on my mobile emulator

Szmidt: Https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/wp-original-media-path/

Venible: Hey guys, yet another question ,

Lefleur: What do you think of this sterndata

Krewson: Techshop: cool. enjoy

Venible: What in a database, could block access to wp-admin not found but show up the site normally, and do the contrary with another database show the dashboards very well, but showing Benzing but a blank page for the sites ?

Manora: Hi everyone, any woocommerce experts in the building?

Harrald: Could anyone help me with all in one seo plugin some pages have the title and description for the meta greyed out

Frohman: I’m trying to add a custom field to checkout, following the woothemes do***entation but having a problem

Herrara: Incompetenttttt: whats your problem?

Yerry: LOL I was just about to say paging Guimares, paging lindsaymac

Devotie: Incompetenttttt: paging what?

Cruthird: Incompetenttttt: oh i get it. like i’m an on call doctor

Manicchio: Incompetenttttt: not a problem with PAGING lol

Rampa: Http://pastebin.com/fXZHXt1X

Brazzel: I’m trying to add 2 phone #’s, a biz phone and a cell phone in addition to the default phone field

Ernzen: Incompetenttttt: ok so what is the probelm that is occuring though?

Cornes: The problem I’m having is displaying the info on the admin order page

Conyer: Lines 37-46 in that pastebin

Tuberville: Incompetenttttt: so you have it showing on the checkout and storing the values in the DB?

Gibbons: And on the edit order page, both field labels are showing up, but only the cell phone field has data in it and its returning the data from the business phone field instead of cell phone

Backmon: Incompetenttttt: on like 40 and 46 is where you should be putting the stuff on the order edit page, correct?

Pomar: Yes which is bizarre to me to begin with because nowhere does it have the actual field biz_phone, cell_phone

Trabue: But I’m following the woocommerce do***entation to a T: http://docs.woothemes.com/do***ent/tutorial-customising-checkout-fields-using-actions-and-filters/

Basila: Incompetenttttt: get_post_meta $order-id, ‘Cell Phone’, true ~~~ that is getting the values from the DB but that is probably wrong

Torbit: The second arg in get_post_meta should be the name of the field you’re trying to get

Sarno: Incompetenttttt: usually NOT a capitalized/ spaced term

Vicknair: So it probably should be cell_phone or business_phone

Sloman: Thats what I thought was weird but in their example they have it set to My Field

Becerril: Incompetenttttt: you can get the actual field name by looking for it in the database

Tonti: Ill try it with lowercase/no space

Tischer: Incompetenttttt: My Field is just a place holder. Read the docs on get_post_meta and you will see

Girten: I thought they were using my_field_name