I think if you configure it.

Buskey: Sterndata: yeah, sorry me. I would to know if the wp.media codex article is up to date with the core code. I mean the example in it is the correct one to use the new media uploader?

Bucker: Widoz: does the example work for you?

Krapfl: The codex is a wiki, so you can see the last update date, etc.

Mccall: Sterndata: I have switched themes before and yes since the other theme dosn’t load the affected css file it does work, so yes I have done my share of diagnostics.

Reiman: I don’t know I’m reading

Maxfield: OK. Well, since I cannot see that PHP file, I’ve got no idea what it does.

Seubert: Sterndata: I can paste it right here.

Hitt: Restate the problem. if you’re not logged in, what happens when you access or try to access the site?

Donelon: Http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/c5EFt4/asylum.rocks I wish there is a way I could get all those errors fixed

Nordeen: BOGO: you can. 1 by 1.

Roehl: Yes but not sure how when most are not connected to my server

Pascua: They are on googles for the most part

Thielen: Sterndata: When I’m not logged in I get a http 302 that sends me back to the page, the file style_dynamic.php for some reason dosn’t load correctly and creates the http 302 redirect

Nordeen: I’ve never seen anyone get a perfect score on pingdom.

Keslar: Sterndata: When I’m logged in it loads perfectly.

Cavill: And I am not wanting perfect

Nordeen: BOGO: i’d pay more attention to this one: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/asylum.rocks/jGjMLHac

Nordeen: BOGO: the top 2 *are* things you can fix.

Lamke: Sterndata: http://mimion.co/ the error is here to be more precise: http://mimion.co/wp-content/themes/bridge/css/style_dynamic.php

Nordeen: BOGO: really the top 4, should push you into the mid 90’s

Balboa: Specify image dimensions?

Borja: BOGO: EWWW Image Optimizer – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer/

Nordeen: BOGO: it’s telling you what to do

Ukich: Sterndata: Sorry, BRB

Chrismer: But that image optimizer kills the look of images I think

Bartlome: They dont look crisp after that

Gerwin: Veidit: I see the 302, but the page loads. What’s the problem?

Czolba: Defer parsing of JavaScript some of those I cant change either

Turnham: They are either the end result of minfy or hard coded

Nordeen: To clarify, you *can* change them, you don’t want to.

Nordeen: Too much effort to restructure

Pamintuan: BOGO: in what way do these issues materially affect your website?

Termeer: OK looking at the results there,

Etienne: Most of the images are not under my control

Sylla: Well my page ranking is one thing sterndata

Olguin: Page ranking has a lot more to do with content than absolute speed

Mccleod: Some unless your google

Gramley: Have fun. chase your tail .

Broadstone: I want to change for the better what I can

Nabavian: Whatsite are we talking about?

Bossey: Is there a way to edit w3-total-cache paths to store cached files?

Salsedo: BOGO: which caching plugin are you using, if any?

Stollings: You might try W3TC; it will let you add expires headers

Salmond: Getmetrix gives that a high priority

Bordwine: Still, the best way to get good google ranking is to optimize your content for likely searches.

Nordeen: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw8sNoodIDk

Nishida: So you think if I put w3tc in it will clear things up?

Kunz: I think if you configure it correctly — looking at the gtmetrix scores, it will help with that.