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Costaneda: Well something similar to that : doesnt have to look like that exactly

Bennefield: Like, what is the outcome that you want?

Palmiotto: Not sure what you mean :/

Less: Basically that thing is part of a theme and im customizing a theme that will look close to it

Asiello: Part of another website i mean

Bennefield: But *why* do you want that functionality?

Bennefield: Just for fun, so you can figure out how to do it? or because someone asked you do it? or something else perhaps?

Hanle: Yeah its for someone else im helping a friend of mine

Bennefield: And *why* do they want that feature?

Cardell: Oh, all the angst we’ve seen here in the name of “helping a friend”!

Shuffstall: I dont even think he has any videos yet so maybe i should talk to him about it

Bennefield: Yeah, that could be a good idea

Bennefield: Samuraio: I’m asking about ‘why’ because once you are clear on that then you can get a clearer idea of what your options are.

Bennefield: Like, is your friend ok with the fact that the UI pattern he wants is inherantly mobile-unfriendly?

Bennefield: Will he be ok with paying for serious dev hours to make it mobile friendly?

Bennefield: Would he be ok with paying a dev to build a plugin using something like this: http://jquerytools.github.io/

Bennefield: That’s what I used to use for that kind of thing

Bennefield: But. if he just wants, say, “a way to choose from a menu of videos”. then you’ve got other options

Yamanaka: Samuraio: form follows function, no the other way around

Derrington: Don’t start with a theme, start with a plan

Bennefield: So samuraio: do you think you know your clients “why”?

Bennefield: If not, then go back and clarify with him

Bennefield: It’ll save both of you time and money

Norrix: Nah i havent talked much yet he just said he wanted something that looks close to another website

Mossberg: But ill have to talk to him

Bennefield: Then you probably shouldn’t do it

Ruffell: Hes my friend helped me out before :

Winesett: Whether or not, follow sound design principles.

Bocchino: Best plugin to block a country?

Vilardi: I’ve had 300 failed logins this past week

Defreitas: ODot: are you on shared hosting or a VPS?

Diego: I’m actually having alot of brute force attempts on whm/cpanel too.

Ortmann: Yeah, iptables is the thing. Block it on the server level, not the application level

Schlabach: There are plugins to block access at the wordpress level, but it’s more efficient to use IPtables to block access futher up the food chain

Shidel: I block a lot of subnets in Russia and Ukraine

Thrower: It depends on whether you want to block all access or just logins

Lurtz: What are they using botnets or vpns to try a set of pwds or something or are they just proxying

Kuhs: I prefer to block all access

Strothman: Notice: Den benyttede constructor-metode for WP_Widget er forældet siden version 4.3.0! Benyt

Stalworth: AbuDhar: the used constructor is deprecated since 4.3.0. Use another one

Brevitz: My Norwegian is a little rusty, but that’s what I think it is anyway

Fryday: B/var/www/udvikling2015.dk/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php/b in this file?

Vandevanter: No. that’s the core file 😀

Obermuller: ODot: in case you’re interested, this is my current drop list: http://paste.fedoraproject.org/268893/25839751/

Paranada: It says in this file. but I guess it’

Pavone: Lariviere: shows how rusty I am 😀

Batko: I stedet. in /var/www/udvikling2015.dk/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3457 is it in this file?