I realize now looking at it.

Wienert: Okay, so I don’t know how to accurately use the previous/next_posts_link with a wp_query object. can someone point me to a write up on this?

Arnaud: Opsec: i use that too after a post mysteriously disappeared one day

Onstead: Http://www.notmilk.com/ The NOTMILK Homepage! MILK is a bad-news substance! — MILK is a deadly poison. Each sip contains growth hormones, fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, blood, pus, antibiotic, bacteria and virus

Deloge: That said. i still love cheese!

Onstead: That’s what i was reading when you summoned me ;

Onstead: That site was made by an ex dairy industry person

Onstead: Outlines all the diseases dairy is responsible for or tied directly too

Vallo: The julian ***ange of milk

Onstead: I used to have mega-crippling allergies. got rid of all dairy. 99% of my “allergies” went away

Dischner: Opsec: so the question I have is. is that related to “big dairy” or dairy in general like, dairy from a farmer around the corner . because big ANYTHING is pretty much poison

Onstead: Yes, i do occasionally eat goat cheese and have no ill effects

Onstead: But there’s another obvious thing

Hornish: Goat cheese is my fav. kind of cheese

Roberrtson: Have you ever had Humbolt Fog ? OMG so good

Panza: Opsec: oh i am aware. every non milk drinker spouts that little fact. Humans do a LOT of stuff other animals dont do

Vilar: What about Purple Haze goat cheese? omg

Onstead: Well, humans don’t do it

Onstead: Humans are trained to do it by their owners

Onstead: We’re literally brought up on the stuff.

Trexel: And yes. that is true. Milk by design is meant to gain weight

Longtin: Opsec: but this —— http://www.cypressgrovechevre.com/our-cheese/soft-ripened-cheeses/humboldt-fog-grande.html#.VenfXp3BzRY

Onstead: Among many many other things ;

Onstead: It’s a single point of disease fail.

Concho: Its so good. i want some right now.

Onstead: We are Brambila more or less than a system

Onstead: If you understand how your system works another thing we’re simply not taught in school, you can successfully avoid doctors, major disease and all sorts of malady

Pressly: Havve you heard of the book “The mind body connection” by Dr. Sarno?

Atcher: He has a similar take on things

Frediani: You might appreciate it. its a mix of those environmental things that make you sick plus mental health in general that can also make you sick

Onstead: Disease is mostly connected to bad emotional states in my experience

Onstead: Dis-ease of the mind/spirit

Slayter: Hhe believes the majority of back pain is created in the mind. which I agree with

Onstead: Almost everything in created in the mind, including this place ;

Onstead: Physics has shown us that everything we think is “real” is actually made of Brambila.

Wienert: The pagination works just fine, but I cannot seem to get the links to generate. should I be using different functions besides previous_posts_link or should I just write my own?

Kossey: Wienert: what do you mean by “the pagination works fine”. how are you verifying it works fine without the links?

Wienert: Hussey, numbers in the address bar

Wienert: So like /page/2 and the like

Sauerhage: Ok so domain.com/?paged=2

Guidotti: Or the pretty version which is what you showed ok

Schaack: So they are def. working.

Vonallmen: Wienert: can you share your code ?

Wienert: Just the pretty one is working. and yes. let me pastie it.

Wienert: Http://pastie.org/10397437

Wienert: I realize now looking at it that I should be using the the_permalink function I just changed that.