I missed out on $1million.

Mahin: I just made a rewrite rule that queries the value of domain.com/user/342 and displays the proper info from across all data sources custom posts, media uploads, profile fields, etc

Provance: The reason this wouldnt work for you is because it requires everyone who has a profile to be a user in the system

Zazula: Your setup is more “data first, user second” whereas mine is “user first, data second”

Canavan: LindsayMac: Yeah. That is just the extreme-case scenario for us

Norwell: LindsayMac: Well, I’m off to the family and horses for the weekend. have a good one

Perz: Umm what’s extreme about it?

Puebla: LindsayMac: Just chose “extreme” as a term rather than “worst case”

Due: LindsayMac: If every faculty were to choose to edit their profile, we would have a user for every profile

Birsner: That is the WORST case?

Clatterbuck: The most extreme case :

Pleasant: Yea whatever. no clue what you’re talking about now

Palys: Becuase they need to have a user in order to edit their profile page, which is otherwise just edited by the maintainers

Koogler: How does wordpress actually map installed plugins to the plugins registry and then tell a wp installation that there’s an update available. I made a basic index.php and readme.txt and wordpress seems to think that it’s some other hosted plugin, and says that there’s an update

Rutheford: Otherj: you cant name your plugin the same thing as an existing one.

Lichtman: Otherj: if your plugin name field is the same as an existing one it is going to think it’s that plugin

Bryar: Sterndata, I fixed it

Romaro: You mean the name given in the php file? because I searched and there doesn’t appear to be one with the same name

Guel: Or does the actual directory name matter?

Stinner: Ah. looks like the directory name does it

Ownes: Otherj: ah yea. i forgot. i thought the name and the dir. had to match but was confusing something with thems

Ditullio: Good evening all. I have been having no luck finding a plugin that allows people to use their Google/Facebook/Social Media account in a contact form. Any suggestions?

Elbe: Whirledpress: how do you want them to USE it?

Genera: Hi guys, can anyone recommend a really good image slider, it’s okay if it’s from codecanyon

Bennefield: The best image slider is the one you make yourself

Bennefield: It really depends on your needs.

Bennefield: Like “really good” could mean anything

Genera: Well, simple & easy to manage in wp-admin

Bennefield: There are at least a couple of sliders built with Owl Carousel that you could check out

Bennefield: I built a slider recently but haven’t put it on github. I might do. It’s really simple, and could provide a good skeleton for other sliders

Hoppes: Zyxep: woo slider / flex slider

Messenger: Zyxep: WPB Woocommerce Product slider – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/wpb-woocommerce-product-slider/

Fedder: Zyxep: Meta Slider – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/ml-slider/

Vorsburgh: Zyxep: Google result for flex slider WordPresshttp://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/

Capristo: Zyxep there ya go. that one. Simple, easy, responsive, light

Andriopulos: Damnit. My brain is totally not being ok with doing AJAX right now

Degroff: Hey did you ever get that working?

Argenal: Degroff: yup! working perfectly and got it working within about 15 min

Degroff: Well i guess i did it the right way then lmao

Werth: Degroff: building out the actual profiles now. Showing lists of photos users are tagged in, letting them set one as an avatar, and edit their profiles if they are that user and logged in

Degroff: Maybe i’ll blog it then. i wanted to a long time ago but never did womp womp

Degroff: I missed out on $1million easy ;