I messed up the database.

Fietek: I’m doing a plugin that allows me to the next item category

Alcaide: Scottyp: saved for the weekend, want to have a closer look 😀

Dorian: That would be a plugin or widget?

Dilcher: Widoz: yes. I am going to look at it more too. :

Grosskopf: Harpagornis: do you mean a link that load the next post of a term?

Mank: Harpagornis: plugin with a shortcode would be nice

Abston: Or simply hooking it in the_content filter like other developers do

Odums: Scottyp: are you chasing a specific feature? starring and participating in trac will also make a difference over time

Joswick: Scottyp: you should consider github for growing an OS project. Make a features branch, create issues that are feature requests, let people +1 them

Wehner: To not return to the menu always

Manolis: Harpagornis: like a loop?

Roxburgh: We looked at GitHub. We cannot use it as the main repo. We are thinking of using it as a mirror though

Gaud: The main code cannot be outside of our infrastructure team’s control

Blickem: Hi all — wondering if there are hooks or plans for forcing the new p***word complexity option in 4.3 https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/force-strong-p***words-via-wordpress-option-hook-or-constant

Slonaker: Scottyp: people are generally just a lot more intuned with github as a place to get involved with open source. so I would TRY to stick with that if you can jut rbecause people know it well

Aran: Scottyp: and yea. you can totally mirror it. WP does that with its SVN repo

Stuchlik: LindsayM_: I agree. That is why we are thinking of having a GitHub mirror on the site. People can make pull requests as usual. Doing actual merges will be done on the main repository

Cumming: Right now, our repository infrastructure is all on here. https://projects.kde.org/projects

Sharplin: The links go to top of article

Mangano: GitHub is more famous and would probably help find devs

Szypowski: Harpagornis: you can check for example if get_adjacent_post return an empty string and in that case, get the first or the last post link doing a simple query. I don’t know if there is a built in function for that

Danoski: But as I do that once activated, the plugin is implemented in this area

Nastri: Harpagornis: hooks, find an hook and execute your code

Duden: Widoz: to save the plugin configuration?

Johnsrud: Using ACF i added a dropdown that has a default value to a CPT, there is a bunch of posts is there some quick way I can have the posts save themselves so the value is stored against them ?

Gaydos: I guess a wp_update_post in a CPT loop would do it

Poydras: I messed up the database user and p***word

Chase: VectorX: not entirely sure what you’re asking

Rolin: Where do i change them? some config.php?

Stopa: Asterismo: the database username and p***word or the wordpress install username and p***word?

Bagdasarian: If its for the actual DB you’re going to have to contact your host

Reichow: Is enough if you can access to your mysql or phpmyadmin or similar

Reichow: And then see wp_users table into this db to check username and change p***word for it

Sirolli: Reichow: this isn’t the support channel for phpymadmin or httpd or apache or mysql

Morrow: Reichow: AND. like i said. if its the actual useranme and p***word to the ACTUAL DATABASE and not just the username and p***word to the WP admin. you have to contact your host

Wilison: Reichow: thats why i asked which one it was

Nabor: Harpagornis: for the settings Settings API, there are some cl***es on github can helpyou

Geil: Harpagornis wordpress-settings-api-cl***">https://github.com/tareq1988/wordpress-settings-api-cl*** is one

Echols: Could someone please recommend a good forum plugin for a beginner?

Parrotte: I messed up the database user and p***word