I mean IE-8 can render this.

Gabor: Minimum theme from 2011

Davydov: I need some help for something

Markus: Does anybody know to bring my light on

Asakura: The subject is The theme of the thesis is to create a engrafon.I service delivery service supports two types of users, office and customer. The Office may upload upload do***ents to appropriate web site where the customer can receive the downlaod .The customer should be linked to the service with your username and p***word to be able to receive do***ents .

Serban: Every customer has the right to see and receive only do***ents stored in a file with a name that includes the user name user name of pelati.Oi customers can view and download all the files relating to them but will provide ***istance to select Easily those not downloaded or make other options eg do***ents went after dd / mm / yy.

Babena: Obviously the praanaferomenes requires unique username pelati.I requirements for each site will be using the wordpress.

Walborn: Hi. anyone firm in the ACF repeater plugin? I want to have several repeated custom fields. How can I let the user choose from 3 different options?

Winokur: I want him to either put a headline or an image or a WYSIWYG thing

Rosenbeck: Anotheryou, have a select element that repeats 3 text options: headline, img, or wysiwyg.then a second, conditional field that contains the contents.

Feuerstein: Whirledpress, I just found the “flexible content” field. maybe that is what I’m searching for. I’ll check that out first. thank you

Gartin: Whirledpress, jup. flexible content field it is : gives you a choice each time you add a row

Everage: I want to grab the custom field content and append it to the slug, how should I grab the custom field content?

Cannington: Is there any safe way to change /wp-admin to a different URL? What’s best procedure for this? Or is it simply just a bad idea altogether?

Dunnaway: Last time I tried it, it broke things pretty badly. I prefer to use apache to deny access to everyone but my ip address

Faivre: Dcr, where did you set this rule? Cpanel? WHM? .htaccess?

Lunsford: It’s not directly WP but someone a suggsetion how to break the words in my a tag? http://jsfiddle.net/b6azwLjb/3/

Dunnaway: Or rather, the drop file for the site. I guess you could do it with .htaccess if you wanted

Lunsford: So they appear on an other line.

Ramirec: Hey guys im struggling trying to set up jquery ddslick drop down menu on my wordpress site

Yeaman: Anyone available to quickly help out ?

Ahn: Anyone have a good resource for all css-cl***es I can use for my options page?

Ahn: To make my option page fit in with the wordpress “experience”

Lunsford: Im not following you are you styling the back-end?

Ahn: Yeah, it’s an option page I’m adding to the admin menu

Everage: Is there any hook to access post data for update right after the post has been published?

Everage: Is there any hook to access post data for update right after the post has been published?

Lunsford: Ahn :: https://dotorgstyleguide.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.com/

Lunsford: Ahn :: WordPress-Admin-Style">https://github.com/bueltge/WordPress-Admin-Style

Lafoe: Hukle, do you mean like this? http://jsfiddle.net/Whirl3d/b6azwLjb/5/

Lunsford: Whirledpress indeed but on the menu items

Lunsford: Thx for that resource

Depinto: Http://jsfiddle.net/Whirl3d/b6azwLjb/6/

Childree: Someone available to help me set up ddSlick ?

Bieberle: Might be easier with just css though. Not sure the use case.

Overpeck: Http://www.wakefly.com/using-ddslick-dropdown-list/ . Its at link http://manolzemultimedia.com.au/ourmelbourne/ ,,,, Im not sure if I have the codes in the right position it is not showing

Lunsford: That is exactly what I need,

Lunsford: Is that x-browser ? 😀

Lunsford: I mean IE-8 can render this the rightway?