I know that feeling.

Jeng: It would be nice if you’d started there!

Lagrave: I wasn’t sure where the problem lies

Jeng: Please pastebin your code . also, did you upload the image in question *after* or *before* adding the image size?

Borello: In my functions.php i have add_image_size ‘custom-size’, 322, 9999 ;

Galassini: Maybe i need to re-add it to the media library to have the new sizes calculated?

Jeng: Did you upload the image in question *after* or *before* adding the image size?

Laning: Ah, there we go : before

Jeng: You need to regenerate your thumbails, then. changes only take place for subsequently uplloaded images

Peralez: Alright. so additional sizes are only calculated on the inital upload. makes sense

Patil: Jeng: Regenerate Thumbnails – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Jeng: Anotheryou: working now?

Tonnesen: Jeng, like a charm. thans for asking

Lokan: Anotheryou: can i get our banking info? i misplaced it!

Jeng: Didn’t you know? Opsec is a Nigerian prince in exile

Lokan: Because you’re another me!

Oclair: But do you have money? because I don’t .

Lokan: I thought you were another me?

Lokan: If you were, we’d be RICH!

Stepleton: Hey, I’m making a plugin that is dependent on a theme/folder structure. Is there any way I can disable the plugin and throw an error inside of a conditional? I tried putting my my plugin’s “add_action” inside of the error conditional, but it doesn’t work. Without this, my plugin can end up crashing if the right theme isn’t activated. http://pastebin.com/bx4CfssW

Naber: Check for theme existence on activation, if not output an error and deactivate

Swarat: Opsec, I used to have an account named “anotherme” which i forgot about. it was very funny when I discovered a mail to “ano-therme” and was soo confused. Until I remembered having an account called “another-me” :

Honahnie: But now i liked this one better. more trouble, more confusion, even better

Steenberg: I’m at the end of my wits. https://dpaste.de/PUDW this shows my pagination notice i didn’t include $args. but if i put $args in as an argument, i dont see my pagination

Kotterna: By pagination, i mean the numbers

Altmann: I can send you my working custom loop on a page

Soltis: It doesn’t look like that

Tan: Https://dpaste.de/AuND

Calcara: If you don’t prefer my lazy load method, uncomment out the traditional next/prev links. Just modify the $args to suit your needs. That just shows newest posts to oldest posts

Colbenson: You’ll probably want to change ‘all-posts’ to what you use, I have a habit of changing ‘uncategorized’ to ‘all-posts’

Canny: Crap that was from the dev of a project I’m working on, there are probably some unecessary div and /divs

Ravencraft: ScoDal: anytime i include any args, it just doesn’t show up

Galon: HowardwLo: I’d love to see your actual code, not just the bit wiht $args

Feerick: Jiron: what would oyu like to see?

Cicatello: I’m never sure what to includre

Rogosky: I’ve put my custom loop some weird places and it works

Schleibaum: Jiron: ….so you want FTP?

Aiporlani: Today I just tried it in buddypress, it works

Valladao: Nope, I want a pastebin of that file, not jsut a part of that file =

Gotthard: Are your args incorrect?

Lieb: Jiron: https://dpaste.de/BjA3

Hodgens: That looks funky to me, that’s not how I’ve learned to create pagination

Labeots: Warning, i’m merging some really **** code to try and sal***e into a proper-ish wp install

Conway: HowardwLo: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Cavin: I know that feeling bro