I just wanted to say i miss.

Lande: Http://i.imgur.com/6p6pez2.png

Vogeler: Jstransky or use get_the_terms if you want the terms from a post

Bagaoisan: Latrina: thats a CSS problem. #css can helkp you

Tannous: Essentially what I need to do is to find the padding shown in the picture and increase it to 700px, than it will render properly

Jeng: Latrina: URL for the real page, please

Ziesemer: Thanks fris, this is for populating a search fitler so I need all terms, not just for one post

Wasserman: Get_terms looks like it will work

Poncio: Scavotto: okay thanks.

Jeng: Latrina: URL for the real page, please

Vogeler: Jstransky what you going to do when you mean populate

Amrein: Jeng: I am not sure I understood what you mean

Jeng: What’s the page on which you have this form? YOur image file is useless

Affronti: I dont have it live . I am sorry

Vogeler: Ive done a seach query, where it searchs every tag name, all custom taxonomies, every category and descriptoins, every comment, every excerpt, draft, attachment, custom fielf, and author, and exclude post ids, and exclude a category

Finocchiaro: Does get_posts allow for multiple categories with an array?

Havlik: Get_posts category_name

Delfavero: Dopie: yes, but use WP_Query instead of get_posts

Siem: Jphase_, just found out it did :

Hepp: Dopie: at that point. getting all that data, just use WP_Query. like i said. the decision between the two depends on how many things you need to do with the resutls

Esparaza: Scavotto, i just need two things the ID and the Title

Froschheiser: Scavotto: hey, see that bug you were on about yesterday. got a link to the report? Having some weird, weird, WEIRD behaviour with chrome on OS X

Lautman: Dopie: seems like you also need categories, no?

Showman: Sexywoodenspoon: wordpress-admin-menu-to-break">http://wptavern.com/a-bug-in-chrome-45-causes-wordpress-admin-menu-to-break

Pichoff: Sexywoodenspoon: theres a ton of stuff on the google.

Burtis: Well i just categories for sorting

Hernandez: I’m not visually showing anyone that

Cazorla: Scavotto wow nice to know your attitude has changed

Micciche: Scavotto, just gets annoyed with people like me who don’t listen :

Salera: So. in the admin side I use get post to get the ID of the select box nd than i use WP_Query to get that ID and show it in the view

Crocco: Dopie: you use get_post_meta to get the ID from the field stored in your other post. then you use WP_Query to get that posts’s data for the front end

Pearce: Scavotto, how can I do a binary search on a function with wordress?

Ryals: The metabox isn’t saving

Vogeler: Dopie are you hooking into save_post ?

Gerba: Add_action”save_post”, “save_first_post_link”, 10, 3;

Duffus: Function save_first_post_link$post_id, $post, $update

Dematteis: Https://gist.github.com/staycreativedesign/a54a1bf1a69afdb51de3

Tyon: Scavotto, I’m not getting errors but it’s not saving is there a way for me to see where the variable isn’t being saved or changes?

Rebel: Dopie: put wp_dievar_dump$yourVar; in various places in your code

Punihaole: Dopie: it will kill the save process and spit out the values of your variables

Tuohy: Https://gist.github.com/staycreativedesign/f35f19e8ce36759e35e1

Witkop: This is my function without the save

Renne: Dopie: how would that help me in any way debug this? lol

Reindel: Dopie: did you dump your variables to see what comes out?

Jeng: Oops. spilled my popcorn

Mottinger: Dont take kindly to holding for very long

Kracke: I just wanted to say i miss WordPress while on my Drupal journey. that is all :