I just tested it with.

Parkes: Just need custom lists kind of.

Orth: It will only be used in the backend to track stuff like certificates handed out, tests p***ed.

Ridgell: Caspan, https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Creating_Tables_with_Plugins

Lantz: Khu: Looking for a built plugin

Liddie: Https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/listly/

Dubeau: Kind of what Im looking for I guess

Derossett: Caspan, then it looks like you’re all set.

Cisowski: For admin only though.

Nikodem: If you want to get fancy, you could just sell gift certificates on your site then see if they’re redeemed at checkout via a plugin or two, and some integration.

Neider: Its a physical certificate handed out at auction or something

Weymouth: No special codes on them

Mckinnon: They need to be verified by hand

Uptegrove: Make sure signatre matche and that it has not been redeamed yet on backed manually

Andrich: Also this one use their stupid site to pull the lists to WP

Patzke: Hate sites that do that

Dominges: It’s not that hard to make your own, and in fact are lots of tutorials available online if you type “wordpress plugin create tutorial table list” into Google.

Iracheta: I’m sure you could find a tutorial where they offer the complete code. ;

Hillbrant: Yes. just dont like writing code, takes to long if there is a simple one already done

Zamperini: I am sure its simple enough

Grahe: I just want the ability to make a date row and they can only enter a date. etc.

Thibodeaux: A check box they can only check it or not.

Heaslet: It sounds simple but would take time

Welburn: Those tutorials have that. For the past 12-minutes you’ve been on the chat asking for it, you could have found a tutorial and downloaded their source ;

Obrien: I dont want to programm one but thank you for offering

Salazan: Meaning you could just download it.

Wander: Another thing I have noticed is that theside menu in the latest WP is really *****ed up. like its shifted down by one till you mouse over it they they go back up

Cappleman: Anyone else notice this latest stable release

Malagon: I’ve not noticed this problem.

Wigdor: Caspan, i was wondering that today or if it was a browser glitch

Wigdor: What plugins do you use, just curious?

Wigdor: I have noticed it doesn’t ALWAYS happen

Ingerson: You both using Chromium based browsers?

Shybut: If you scroll down it corrects it

Crutchley: But as you mouse over stuff it goes funky

Rust: Is it Google Chrome? I’m using a Chromium based browser, not Google Chrome, and haven’t noticed it. Makes me wonder if its something for Google Chrome.

Garber: Http://picpaste.com/pics/Capture-HXIMBj88.1441583191.JPG

Pitcher: I’ve never noticed that before. Let me fire up Google Chrome.

Luckey: Http://picpaste.com/pics/Capture-v5bJrujp.1441583251.JPG

Jaso: I have tried disabling them all

Wigdor: Khu, doesn’t happen every time

Schwulst: But i am guessing i woudl ave to remove them

Wigdor: Ok so i am using none of those plugins Caspan

Wigdor: So it’s probably a wp issue. odd : or chrome heh

Gaar: Update to it dont thing WP woudl release a bug this obvious

Malady: Well, if it doesn’t happen every time Caspan then it might be difficult to see it.

Garding: Happes all the time for me

Cappelli: My personal site is a version behind and i just tested does the same

Garing: I just tested it with Google Chrome and it’s not doing it to me, granted I may have to install the exact plugins to see if there is a conflict.