I just hope that the plugin.

Chevis: No seo internal linking plugins seem to work, for that matter, ive tried a good number of them

Krainbucher: Shivasound : heya om shiva

Moselle: Shivasound sounds like goa stuff :

Grothe: Nm happening these days. work

Kabat: Shivasoundsystem is dnb artist

Grimard: Hello everyone! I’ve installed a new WP site few minutes ago and my wp-admin side menu is going crazy in Chrome. Anyone had similar issues? http://puu.sh/k7qEV/37a828b496.png

Rodrequez: Numline1, are all the ***ets loading? I see that red https in the url bar, which may indicate that not all the required scripts/css sets are loading

Iffland: Petermolnar, hmm, can’t tell, it’s just self-signed certificate, but Chrome claims that no scripts were blocked

Lorey: Numline1: It’s a Chrome bug

Sartorelli: Just a sec, I’ll get you the reference to solve it until Chrome pushes v46

Fruman: Petermolnar, all good, only 200 and 304 replies

Colaiacovo: Jiron, oh good, thanks a bunch

Hatheway: Petermolnar, thanks as well

Adrian: Https://core.trac.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/ticket/33199#comment:48

Heater: Https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=509179

Asay: First one is a temp local fix for yoru self, the 2nd one is the issue tracking for Chrome

Paustian: Cheers. I’ll wait for Chrome to fix it, don’t want to touch my fresh clean WP install :

Stassinos: Oh it’s a Chrome fix, not WP ;

Cobrin: Oh? I quickly scrolled the issue on WP.org and someone mentioned it works ok if part of jquery script is embedded

Loeven: I directly linked you to a comment that has the local fix for yoru Chrome

Waugh: Oops, probably missed that

Muntean: Now wp tracker returns ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED :’O

Bielinski: Oh lol, Hexchat removed the part after # in your link, my bad

Dermody: Can anyone solve this?

Dermody: wordpress-file-upload-function">Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32521805/files-returns-null-in-wordpress-file-upload-function

Shusterman: Alright, it works okay now : thanks once again

Peasley: I try to get ajax working in my plugin but i dont get it working.

Schornick: Is it right that i can check the ajax output on the ajax url?

Montoya: Hello! I have a strange issue, in my plugin constructor, I attach my function “load_***ets” to “admin_init”, this functions just contains a wp_register_style. then I add an action to “admin_print_scripts-toplevel_page_MYPLUGIN” that should just enqueue the style. But with no luck. it’s like the style never has been registered.

Westbrook: I know both function is called

Lunsford: Where is wlwmanifest.xml used for?

Lunsford: OO disabling it won’t save too much bandwidth, wlwmanifest.xml is only downloaded if you configure Windows Live Writer for your site your visitors will never download this file.

Conlogue: Is there something like you can make a personalized wordpress that only certain people can read?

Teichmiller: Like you need a p***word?

Montelle: You can lcok it down with p***words, either the entire site, or just individual posts and pages

Lunsford: Indeed on the sidebar on the right you have an option to set p***word for pages by default.

Lunsford: What order do you guys use for equeueing style?

Lunsford: Do you enqueue .css styles.css in the theme root dir as latest one or as first one?

Wineland: Is it worth installing a google ****ytics plugin or should I just put google html tags myself in every page?

Kuter: Narcisse: Depends if you need all the bells and whistles offered by the plugin

Lavesque: Otherwise you would put it in header.php or footer.php so it’s included on every page

Rampey: I actually like the “click once, all set” approach

Daugherty: I just hope that the plugin is safe