I have ACF5, and a CPT.

Hadel: I only want to show a sub-menu containing the childres

Pettyjohn: Allright. Thanks for the advice. I installed a wordpress theme without any problem. Everything worked fine. The theme has different templates to “change/adapt” the look/design of a website. I know where i can Edit them. But i dont know to get done what i want to do. I want to have the “normal header”, then a kind of carousel html is of course avaible but its not possible to enter that specific html code directly. At least

Pettyjohn: SO i guess i need to change soemthing in the php files. But im not very familiar with phph.

Sachez: Use wp_list_pages to get an ordered list of the child pages of the current page and style it to look like a menu https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/wp_list_pages

Sachez: Pettyjohn: you’d use a plugin to create a carousel. there are many, many of these. What are your requirements?

Sachez: Pettyjohn: are you editing the PHP of your theme?

Pettyjohn: The page is www.ecoinnovateit.de

Lomack: Is there a way to declare the language for each post in wp?

Sachez: What do I learn from viewing that page, JanWordpress

Pettyjohn: Yeah sorry. http://ecoinnovateit.de/option-1-home-default/ I want to have this caroussel on top of my posts on www.ecoinnovateit.de Sorry for my english :

Pettyjohn: And thanks for your help

Sachez: A couple of plugins come to mind: layerslider and “slider revolution”. Both are non-free but not expensive.

Sachez: Does your theme come with a slider?

Pettyjohn: The theme/wordpress does not allow me to enter some code when i want to Edit the “Front Page”. So i guess i have to change something in the php files?

Sachez: Talk to whomever wrote the theme first.

Sachez: Pettyjohn: you can find them at http://razonartificial.com

Sachez: Pettyjohn: You do not enter HTML. The plugins create shortcodes that you’d enter as regular content.

Larrimore: Hi all, I need some ***istance with accessing the querystring on a rewritten url. I want to create a template called collection under the /collection/ url, the page will then load the content based upon the next page of the url i.e. /collection/colour/, how can I access this in th wordpress template?

Pettyjohn: Alright Sachez. Thanks. I will try it again.

Pettyjohn: But the problem is i cant really enter anything to the pages which “receive blog posts”

Sachez: Pettyjohn: Are you a php developer or at least familiar with PHP programming?

Pettyjohn: It says: You are currently editing the page that shows your latest posts. And i can not add something there.

Pettyjohn: Mh.just a bit of Java knowledge.

Sachez: Pettyjohn: you need to talk to whomever wrote that theme. If you want to modify the theme itself, create a child theme.

Pettyjohn: I already thought about looking at the php Files and get the parts which i need to have to create an own “Template-Page”. But its not working so farm.

Knoell: Pettyjohn: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Child_Themes

Pettyjohn: I’ll take a look at it

Kurz: I am trying to develop my first theme, but I am having problems with the page.php file

Sachez: Amanej: what guide are you using for your theme?

Lutrell: I am using team treehouse

Carey: I will share the code, soon, just need to get plnkr up

Sachez: Did you start with a decent starter theme like _s?

Zaker: No, I am just following the tutorial

Lanius: And its so strange that its not working

Sachez: That’s probably a mistake :-

Sachez: Anyhow, what’s your question about your page.php file?

Sachez: Amanej: ? please explain your problem and post your code on pastebin.com, wpbin.io, or something similar

Kalima: Sachez: plnkr.co/edit/VLvOFIEHfNLYNu5O5ocm?p=catalogue

Holroyd: I have ACF5, and a CPT “Event” with a list of Designers. On the site of the Designer I now want to list all Events the Designer was added to.