I don’t mess with a lot.

Sulton: Why aren’t anonymous functions directly callable when they’re set as a property of an object?

Squyres: Mckinny: what are you trying to do?

Wempe: Basically just a question of style. I can make it work with call_user_func_array but I’d rather just call callbacks directly

Griffieth: Mckinny: from the php manual “Beware that since PHP 5.4 registering a Closure as an object property that has been instantiated in the same object scope will create a circular reference which prevents immediate object destruction:”

Musslewhite: G’afternoon LindsayMac

Malbaurn: Johndoe2BostonGeorge2k I would switch to cl***ic editor, search for the code, swap the order and publish it.

Malbaurn: This is not an options, sorry for my late reply

Auyeung: Not an option to switch to cl***ic editor?

Malbaurn: The page gets updated daily and the one doing it is not familar with code

Poliquin: Johndoe2: another thing to learn. People make unnnecessarily complex “rules” for themselves in here for no reason

Malbaurn: Its not a complex rule for myself.

Malbaurn: Whats the purpose of a composer if you have to edit code lindsay?

Kaloi: Malbaurn if you do change it using cl***ic editor and then switch back to visual editor it stubbornly re-arranges it again?

Malbaurn: That also applys to a new page that is created by it

Biesenthal: Bu***and 😀 Yes, I know what you mean. Truth be told I’ve often found myself in that situation, wanting to kick myself but anywho. You live, you learn.

Krum: Malbaurn how about this: replace the part you’re having issues with with a raw html block, and paste the stuff you need inside, in whatever order you need it. ***uming that other person doesn’t need to change that particular piece.

Stapp: Malbaurn: i dont find a purpose for composer-like plugin to begin with.

Malbaurn: I’ll simply mod visual composer

Hosang: Malbaurn and by “also applies to a new page” you mean that you tried to get the change to happen in a new post/page from scratch?

Vardaman: Bu***and: Oh, cool. Not that what I’m trying to do is impossible but that now I have a concrete reason why it’s a bad idea

Malbaurn: Pointless discussion if you dont

Tuel: Is there a plugin that gives you the possibility to add tags to photos, and use those tags to create galleries? like I have a bunch of photos tagged “foo” and some tagged “bar” and a shortcode or a widget where I select the tag?

Mestler: And it only uses those photos? preferably not like most plugins I’ve found where you build the galleries/albums like CPT’s

Callicoat: IzaacJ: there are plugins to add categories to plugins

Mar: I mean categories to media uploads

Filipovich: Opsec: so after farting around for a while, I did an export from the orignal site, created a new site, and imported into it. Database is happy, users are happy, whatever got fudged up is gone.

Lovenbury: IzaacJ: then you can make your own shortcode via that plugin.

Chatfield: Bu***and: thought about that, just wanted to make sure that I dont miss an already existing plugin. Using Media-Tags to add tags right now. Could probably base a plugin of the built in gallery shortcode and modify it to take a tag argument 😛

Nolting: IzaacJ: yup. should be quite easy actually

Lajaunie: Bu***and: yeah it should 😀

Neske: IzaacJ: famous last words lol

Vina: I’ve hated many things about css over the years, but what I probably hate the most is that now I’m pretty f’ing good at it.

Scialdone: Jstransky: i;m a css NINJA! :

Passon: I hate doing CSS. but i am good

Weintz: I look back at the hill i climbed and I don’t feel proud, just angry :p

Dering: Not sure I could like it LESS

Nowzari: Sometimes it’s S***y though

Savin: I don’t mess with a lot of the new fancy css3 selectors or animation mostely because of support requirements.