I don’t know what to do? .

Bedlion: Iptables is controlled by systemd as well in c7

Pangan: So what would you use?

Bedlion: C7 is not ready for big boy land.

Bedlion: C6 is still supported for 4.5 years or something

Bedlion: On my fedora 22 machines for instance, systemd services will not start on boot at all.

Bedlion: I have to run my own script i made after the system is up

Gilespie: I really havent had issues with 7

Durling: Mostly just figuring to use either iptables or firewalld.

Bedlion: I’d use tested and proven iptables, not brand new untestested buggy firewalld

Bedlion: That’s just me being reasonably unreasonable though.

Mersinger: Iptables has more options for filtering

Macfarlane: And dealing with packets

Streff: Firewalld is mostly yes or no to ports or services

Heines: Ehhh i need some help moving this into a page, i dont want to use iframe and I am getting these br tags when I put it in the page via builder http://pastie.org/10401457

Bedlion: We should get rid of iptables altogether. i’m sure someone can write a “rad” firewall over the rest of tady and push it to production!

Bedlion: Here’s what happened at 2am in the street out my backdoor last night: https://sendvid.com/u9evq6mj

Clucas: Is there any specific articles on just posting the title of an article posted in a category along with its contents?

Marchell: I have been looking around but have not had much luck

Wigner: E.g. I am trying to get this to display the article ‘and its contents’ so users wont have to click on it to read it

Arment: Http://fourstudios.com/

Zembower: Hopefully not your car

Elliem: Hey peeps. I’m runnig wordpress 4.3 on my rasberry pi, which is running rasbian and it’s in the same network. I keep having some issues using the wp-admin page

Inacio: I think it has something to do with the permissions, filezilla works, but when i’m trying to install a theme with the wp-admin, it asks for connection information

Dinwoodie: And i just get failed to connect to ftp server message

Burkins: Ive tried use hostnames like and sftp:// but i just cant seem to get it working

Dousay: Opsec: If WordPress keeps asking you for FTP credentials see http://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Updating_WordPress#Automatic_Update and http://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Editing_wp-config.php#WordPress_Upgrade_Constants as well as http://s.sivel.net/wpfsmethod for more information about the file system method selection and http://v007.me/4 for forcing direct file system writes

Bedlion: Keep in mind, you’re basically swimming solo with your raspberry pi

Geil: I hate bs sales calls from registrars when you register a domain them trying to sell you stuff

Bedlion: I mean, i’d love to run wp on my wris****ch. fat lot of good it’ll do me though ;

Geil: Wonder if you can jailbreak apple watch

Showalter: I’m just trying to learn something and to have some fun

Bedlion: Fris: no such calls or annoying emails from moniker.com ;

Geil: Install apache on your watch :p

Bedlion: The don’t add 50 items to the cart you have to uncheck either, like godaddy or others

Geil: Opsec they were tyrin gto sell me services saying they can tell me if my listings are correct and all that bs for a demo domain with jus tlorem ipsum posts

Bedlion: Fris: but you want your lorem ipsum to rank don’t you!11one one

Bedlion: Just pay the fee and rest easy knowing your lorem ipsum’s are all safe and sound

Canonica: Some pictures on my website stop showing and I have problem uploading media files via the admin interface.

Friedrick: I have checked the write for wp-upload

Overshown: Yes I mean wp-content/uploads

Bevels: I don’t know what to do? after checking the rights of the uploads folder