I do care what the URL.

Seikel: Might be easiest to make an actual mini mock up

Rockwell: But i’m GUESSING you mean that you have your list of terms in a category on site.com/categories/

Koeppel: Click on the terms in the category will bring you to a page that lists what.? The list of posts in that term? Or a list of sub categories that the term is a parent of?

Vaci: KLVTZ: Sounds like an old Yahoo-style link directory.

Canale: Just to clarify the syntax

Wormwood: KLVTZ: also I am not sure what you mean by “each listing of posts under that sub-category will link to a custom post type page for that post”

Aubrey: KLVTZ: are you meaning the single post view for that post?

Mozley: Let me go through your questions in order. Lots of them lol i should have been more clear, my bad.

Roemer: I think i only had one real question you need to answer in there

Coovert: Make sure to tag me in your response as I am not going to be looking at this window waiting on a reply

Vetsch: Bu***and:clicking on terms in the category page will bring you to a page that lists all posts that have those terms.

Ville: KLVTZ: ok. so that is basic WordPress functionality

Treine: Bu***and: post will be a single post view

Spender: KLVTZ: so all you need is to make a page that lists all terms for a taxonomy

Sanday: Bu***and: when you visit http://example.com/category/ that will list sub-categories or terms under that category. A list per say. When you click on one of those sub-category links, you are then directed to a sub-category page called http://example.com/category/sub-category

Omtiveros: KLVTZ: those are not “sub categories” those are terms. or parent categories.

Flanagin: Sub categories are categories that are children to the parent category. not to the category taxonomy as a whole

Bahr: KLVTZ: have you tried using /%category%/%postname%/ as your permalink structure?

Bahr: You’d then just need to template the parent level categories to list subcats

Dorrell: KLVTZ: but like i said.that is literally how WP works by default ASIDE from the one page that lists all terms on it

Bahr: I’ve never attempted to do what you’re wanting, but i’ve heard folks bark about it

Bahr: I wanna say they used that

Bahr: Annnnnd i just found 2 links showing that as the solution. may not be a FULL solution for you

Bahr: KLVTZ: http://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.stackexchange.com/questions/30350/sub-category-and-category-in-permalink-structure

Hawke: Just to clarify, the example.com/category can be any parent category set. Like example.com/magazine or example.com/shoes.

Bahr: KLVTZ: wordpress-show-parent-category-and-subcategory-name-in-subcategory-archive-url">http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18538265/wordpress-show-parent-category-and-subcategory-name-in-subcategory-archive-url

Pahler: But yes. you want your settings under settings – permalinks to be set properly

Bahr: Just see if that gives you SOME of what you’re looking for, at minimum

Mcgillivray: KLVTZ: no that doesnt clarify. in fact that doesnt make any sense

Bahr: Maybe that’ll help you better understand KLVTZ

Ramsfield: Bahr: i dont think he’s even thinking about permalinsk in th eleast. Hes just trying to get the page structure

Brightly: KLVTZ: “shoes” or “magazine” is a taxonomy. not a category

Trenh: KLVTZ: you have a taxonomy called “shoes” and you have terms in that taxonomy like “high heels” , “boots”, “sandals”, “sneakers” , etc

Bahr: Bu***and: yeah that’s why i wanted him to try it to see if he sees something similar to what he’s looking for. maybe have an “aha!” moment heh

Bahr: And i think he wants /parent-category/child-category/

Quinney: Bahr: i dont think he cares what the url looks like

Bahr: And doesn’t realize /category/ is an actual prefix heh

Bahr: Oh really? i thought that is what the whole issue was lmao

Brodey: I do care what the URL looks like