I do beliueve there’s a.

Conforme: Yup, now it doesn’t loop

Diemer: So you’ve got htaccess rules or similar in place to redirect http to https I take it =

Feldker: Haproxy does that, yes

Bowerman: Now that those two fields are set to https addresses, just move on to the step about search and replace

Cassity: No, they are back to http now

Greenlees: To fix the redirect loop

Brimmer: I ***ume that wordpress detects the protocol used and does the redirecting based on that?

Stacer: If you set the URL to https:// in Settings General, then visit the site on http://, it’ll redirect you to the correct URL

Bundick: I have a haproxy-varnish-apache-php5fpm setup here

Kurtis: Same as it would if you set the URL to mysite.com, but visited the apge from othersite.com

Joice: Where ssl is terminated at haproxy, and http is redirected to https by haproxy

Rusek: So apache/php gets http requests, which are really https on the frontend

Jorrisch: But all the content served should still use https uri’s

Bicknell: Oh god. you’ve created a monster, got’cha ;

Heam: Well, it’s not an unusual setup :

Habel: Yeah you’re going to need to look for a plugin to handle that then, because WordPress can’t control the “mixed” content as such

Novellino: Hm I guess I’ll remove the http2https redirect for now then

Kibbler: Otherwise I can’t even log in properly and set up plugins

Madine: Aye, it’s a bit backwards but unfortunately a necesary step

Johnosn: Ah, the js was even needed for creating the login cookie

Weerts: Seems that https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/protocol-relative-theme-***ets does the job

Skillman: And still works with 4.3.1

Esmaili: I’m doing a get_the_author_meta to get the display name in a loop but I’m getting the same display name over and over again. how can I use wp_reset_query to make sure I have the right data?

Denty: Still the redirect looping when I change the wp_options back to https though :

Theesfeld: Let’s see where that happens

Amderson: Jim_j: You shouldn’t be resetting the query inside the loop at all

Soleman: Could you show us your code? use a pastebin

Strapp: Suppose I should set force_ssl_admin to false somewhere

Koppelmann: Yup, overriding that default with a define’FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, false; in my wp-settings.php seems to stop it from redirecting

Anastasio: I should put this in a wiki somewhere

Bowe: I can’t be the only one running wordpress behing a ssl terminated setup :

Muterspaw: Jiron, http://pastebin.com/FWE0APbW

Sandlin: Jiron, for some reason $widget_markup .= get_the_author_meta’display_name’, $contribution-post_author; isn’t always pulling the right display name and is populating based on the first display name even though get_author_posts_url$contribution-post_author is right

Dahline: Arg, still its building http:// url’s in the content

Serasio: Sling: Yeah things in the editor will always use the siteurl, so if that’s set to http that’s what it’ll insert unless a plugin or similar overrides it

Baton: No, its set to https:// in the siteurl

Hasenauer: In your case, you’d possibly need a plugin taht rewrites it on display as opposed to in the actual content since you are proxying it

Mccullah: But turning FORCE_SSL_ADMIN off seems to make it generate http:// url’s now

Taraschke: Existing content will not be updated

Romansky: This calls for another setting that tells wordpress it should generate ssl-only content and not care whether its being accessed over http

Wloch: Its just fighting against me now

Rickner: And overriding my siteurl setting

Doyan: I do beliueve there’s a plugin that converts all resources to https no matter what