I did that not working.

Jastrebski: Although most people refer to ACP as “The Backend” :

Crisp: Q: Are there people using .env vars for their WP config to make it easier to switch between production and development?

Heinzig: You mean something like that? https://gist.github.com/Zodiac1978/fcf168b6cd00add6e541#file-wp-config-php-L5-L12

Crisp: But then with .env vars

Crisp: But that one is also nice

Hamburger: I use a constant in the wp-config to define the environment. It then gets checked in the theme for things like if a provide feedback button is displayed so clients can create JIRA tickets from the staging site.

Felice: I created a little PHP shim for loading them and injecting them into the wp-config

Grillo: To help wordpress find the shim, an additional env var is setup in the webserver config

Villagomez: That allows you to have a completely env-agnostic deploy

Winnett: Dumez yes, i think so too

Crisp: What am I ? https://github.com/Dumez/DemoPlugin/commit/0b21c3852f62010f2fc4b140be23e2cdf5d3064c#commitcomment-13513903

Hayne: Dumez you were being gender exclusive and that’s not really fair

Ruliffson: WordPress does not support having multiple users and blogs on the same installation right?

Huddy: Blurkis do you mean a “multisite” ? http://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Create_A_Network

Lorenzo: It’s called multisite and I’d steer away from it

Crisp: If you don’t mean multi-site . no

Kryst: Yes, i too would steer away from it

Askiew: Hello need to remove a break br

Aguinaldo: Worst thing I ever did in my life was run this platform on multisite

Resch: The wasted hours devving against multisite

Uhde: It takes all the things that are bad about wordpress and multiplies them by the total number of sites you have

Yammine: Ok then. My idea was an installation at “example.com” that had multiple blogs. That is

Jimeson: Need to remove a break br

Fryling: Will forget about it then, haha.

Strum: Blurkis yeah, it’s horribad

Czap: You’re better off rolling your own solution

Donnick: Keeping separate wordpresses

Kabala: Yeah I’m in too deep already with this one, so sad

Bonnenfant: Thanks for the input people. :

Crisp: Laravelnewbie what are you saying

Knieper: I have a br after div entrymeta

Paddick: Dumez do you understand where i’m coming from ?

Dingivan: WordPress is adding breaks and p

Hamlin: I guess, we understood that now, laravelnewbie

Sopko: You have a link to that website?

Ramler: Http://aginastica.com/2a-corrida-ba11-base-aberta/

Brossmann: There’s a break to google and face buttons

Crisp: In your content you mean

Amo: Give us some time to inspect that :

Crisp: Probably some: remove_filter ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ ; thing

Miao: Nah, he has a line with post meta that has some margin underneath although padding and margin are set to 0

Souvannakhiry: I dont mean at bottom of buttons

Rudnicky: Should I try this first at functions.php ?

Keba: Someone was able to inject a user into the wp_users table. If I just delete him, is it ok? Or can he p***word reset and get created again?

Roblez: Usually attackers try to leave a back door to repeat that. if you only fix the database, it won’t last for long

Nirenberg: Thats my problem, do you have any suggestion for searching for the backdoor?

Leppink: Remove_filter ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ ;

Ruffins: The br tag is added by your theme

Smejkal: I did that not working pixolin