I can’t believe what I’m.

Lokan: I am Adam, prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of castle GreySkull

Cheathan: Hmm. having a weird thing with my user query. its not returning results the way i would expect.

Claburn: Grr. and there I thought it was actually working. silly me

Balok: Jeng: this is the one http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=1133098&gclid=CMvekquu_McCFQ2QHwod5tMLGA&Q=&m=Y&is=REG&A=details

Shelhorse: Its pretty awesome because you can program GPS locations in to it or, while flying, if you get to a spot you want to be you can set it as “the spot to stay in” and it will stay there and if the wind blows it out of the spot it will go right back to it using the GPS coordinate

Krefft: I have multiple attachments, only one has the filetype of “pdf” – I’m trying to get the URL of the media attachment for that file. how would I go about doing that?

Feyereisen: Dalmata: any thoughts? :

Hennig: And why ask alex directly? lol

Centeno: I have a designer ***igned to creating a site using WordPress as a CMS not my decision. Today he asks me to “upload a file” for him. To which I retorted: “Wait a minute. You mean you can’t do that without FTP or similar in WordPress?”. Apparently you cannot. Surely there’s a plugin that can do this? I’ve searched, but there’s like 1.5 billion plugins that match the terms “file manager”, none of which do what I want.

Wehrle: Primer, why throw in “not your decision” ? don’t like wp?

Buyak: What would your decision be Primer ?

Finical: Primer, you can upload a file to wordpress— called the media uploader

Mentnech: I knew WP was not a CMS, but people insisted on using it.

Loughrey: Primer, “Media” on the left, and you can attach files to posts

Maner: Really? I thought WP was a blog.

Gamelin: Primer, WP restricts extensions at first

Mikami: Primer, you reading 7yr old docs?

Showman: A “blog” can still be a content management system if it provides the admin users a way to manage and edit their content

Hyacinthe: Wp started as a blog publishing platform. but with custom post types, custom taxonomies, and others— you can do a lot

Schwanke: The goal is not to add files to posts. The goal is to allow this designer to add files to the server’s file system. In this case, he wanted to add a .js file to a theme.

Bitsui: Primer, if you want to add extensions to wrodpress, a quick google search will do it.

Cerreta: Why is a designer adding a .js file? is he coding too?

Faro: If you’re wanting to add theme ***ets like js, css, you need to use ssh/ftp

Lagoa: You can probably cir***vent that, but why?

Zarucki: That’s a serious question, btw.

Showman: Or do what developers SHOULD do which is be on some sort of version control on the theme files

Freimark: In any other CMS, you can add whatever file you want to the file system.

Sandage: Showman, he’s asking to add files via the CMS lol

Michels: If the designer/coder has a problem using FTP/SFTP when creating a theme, then that person has no idea what they are doing

Lupton: Primer, i don’t recall drupal can do that

Eastep: I don’t remember joomla doing that

Wehling: Sigh.we already tried the git approach. This designer can’t wrap his head around git.

Showman: He’s not a designer if he’s editing code

Pizzano: Primer, if he can’t use ftp or ssh or sftp then he needs to get the boot

Showman: And if he can’t use git, then tell him to learn

Biagi: To demand you want to create the theme code via the cms is blasphemous

Clippinger: Doing that means opening a port to the world

Sauders: I’m not going to do that

Showman: Okay, it’s either that or upload his files for him

Showman: Or give him access to FTP

Anreozzi: I can’t believe what I’m reading