I can tell you, it’s not.

Huerto: But since i did not made that website and am relatively new to wordpress, i don’t really know what’s up with .htaccess :p

Menapace: Huerto: just delete .htaccess and a new one will be generated if needed.

Huerto: Lenswipee_: thanks :p, it was not that hehe, not working anyway

Steinway: Huerto: i’m out of ideas. goodluck on your journey.

Rothenberg: Huerto: by the way there may be more than one htaccess file.

Huerto: Lenswipee_: :D, hehe it might be that the rewrite module is not activated on this new server

Huerto: In case somebody is curious, it was exactly that, apache was not configured to accept what was given in .htaccess

Huerto: Now it all works just good :

Sin: How is someone able to still comment on my site when comments are disabled? Are they using a direct link to comments.php to p**** the spam?

Maw: Pins: how did you disable comments?

Tommasino: Off topic: do any of you like horror books/film

Happer: The absurdity is that makes it funny

Vanhoff: Hi, I am having trouble moving a wordpress site to a new host with a new domain. I get a strange error when trying to import the database into myphp

Want: I have edited the database name and domain name in the sql file

Lupiani: Thetennis: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Moving_WordPress

Nordeen: Thetennis: don’t do that.

Nordeen: Do not edit the sql file, at all.

Nordeen: 1. tar/zip the entire do***ent root on the source server. 2. dump the database on the source server. 3. move the do***entroot and unzip/untar it in the new location. 4. move the sql file, create a new, empty db container and dba with privileges to that container. 5. import the source dump into the new empty target container. 6. put these constants in your wp-config.php http://dpaste.com/3V9X7GP

Gravenstein: Ok so i got the database imported now, which worked

Nanik: The site loads but looks like its missing formating and wp-admin doesn’t load

Sinarath: Donatetheride.net sorry

Pummell: That was the old domain

Nordeen: This webpage is not available


Nadile: Actuallu dontatethecar.net is new one

Nordeen: How organised you are.

Cawon: My brain is a little fried as i have been trying to figure this out for a while

Nordeen: Http://donatethecar.net/wp-login.phphttp://donatethecar.net/not_found

Carmel: Thetennis: Google result for interconnectit search replace – wordpress-databases/">https://interconnectit.com/products/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/

Skidmore: Thetennis: Google result for wp-cli search replace – http://wp-cli.org/commands/search-replace/

Cresto: Ok i have installed interconnectit

Burkhardt: Am i just changing the domain name?

Calixto: I am wondering how to go about forcing ssl in wordpress. I changed the url in the settings to https:// but its still using http:// in the header.

Nordeen: Do you even have a valid ssl certificate?

Nordeen: Well, wordpress doesn’t care about ssl or non ssl

Nordeen: So you need to setup whatever your webserver is to only serve https content

Nordeen: You need 2 vhosts, one non-ssl and one ssl, the non-ssl redirects to the ssl in your webserver config.

Nordeen: This must be done *first* regardless of what content you’ll be serving

Dawahoya: Why wont wordpress change the urls to reflect it in settings?

Lechliter: It strips the https part

Nordeen: Are you reading what i’m typing, or am i just typing?

Nordeen: Your webserver should never ever serve http content if you’re using ssl and it’s setup correctly

Nordeen: Go to #httpd or #nginx and make sure your webserver is setup correctly first

Nordeen: I can tell you, it’s not.