I can apply it later today..

Kozlak: That url structure is what im after.

Bahr: I think the confusion lies with him saying /category/sub-category/

Shulse: I think he wants site.com/taxonomy ~~ list all terms in that tax. then click a link in that page to bring you to site.com/taxonomy/term ~~ shows all posts in the term

Arrendell: Which is what WP does

Bahr: Because /category/ is already reserved

Wiggens: Bahr: has the right idea, my bad for confusing terms.

Hickman: Bahr: i think the confusion lies in you bringing permalinks into it

Lowndes: KLVTZ: aside from the URL, however, you HAVE to get your semantics right

Bahr: No, he uses “categories” and “subcategories” — both are terms, jsut one is a parent, one is a child

Nahrwold: KLVTZ: you need to clarify whether you actually mean “sub category” or you mean “taxonomy”

Bahr: He doesn’t realize that domain.com/category/foo/ lists all psots in “foo” category

Bahr: He was trying to say /parent-category/sub-category i think

Maccartney: Bahr: well that is what I’m trying to clarify. because I dont necessarily know that he understands the difference

Peacock: And have asked him that three times with no actual response from him.

Bahr: Yeah we both just took different routes. i ***umed one thing haha

Cumins: KLVTZ: so STOP forcing us to ***ume what you mean and answer the question

Largin: Bu***and: My apologies for causing confusion. It’s my fault for getting wordpress terms mixed up.

Bahr: KLVTZ: Let’s say we have a category “MMA” and child terms/subcategories “Jujitsu” and “Karate” — are you wanting domain.com/mma/ to list all the “sub categories”: Jujitsu and Karate?

Garrett: KLVTZ: stop apologizing and just answer the question

Bahr: And have /mma/jujitsu/ and /mma/karate/ show posts for those “sub categories”

Botten: Bahr: Yes Bahr thank you for clarifying.

Friest: Bahr: you should clarify that ‘category’ is the taxonomy group

Bahr: I will, just trying to figure out what he wants first then educate lol

Hurtgen: Bu***and: As opposed to what?

Tyl: Bahr: would there be any way to obtain the above structure, as you mentioned it.

Wethje: Ow1n: as opposed to mma being the taxonomy group

Bahr: KLVTZ: did you try to change your permalinks like i mentioned just to see?

Bahr: I want you tos ee what that does

Bahr: It prob won’t do exactly as you wish, but so you can see maybe

Berenbaum: Ow1n: because typically people make taxonomies for groups of like terms

Gordner: Bahr: could you post that permalink, i saw it earlier but can’t seem to p**** where it’s at.

Bahr: Yeah i think i only ***umed correctly this time because i just dealt with someone having a similar request, and he was more out of the WP loop

Bahr: KLVTZ: have you tried using /%category%/%postname%/ as your permalink structure?

Bahr: KLVTZ: the problem with something like that i think i found in the past is that it creates duplicate content on the site

Bahr: If i remember correctly, they wanted /blog/category/sub-category/post/ or something

Bahr: Blog being fixed, category being a term, sub-category being a child term of term

Lutman: Bahr: did the above help them or what plan of action did they take?

Bahr: All that crap makes my head hurt and i just walk away haha but i’d be curious for you to see if the permalink adjusstment helps

Nishitani: Making ‘category’ a term seems counterintuitive

Bahr: No one is making category a term

Bahr: I used his terms to help him out heh

Cochenour: I can apply it later today. Unfortunately i wanted to hop on this chat and get a general idea if such a thing was possible before continuing down a road that would prove impossible.