I am using the divi builder.

Bakanauskas: DarkStar1: look in your error logs. turn error reporting on

Almeida: DarkStar1: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

Gilles: LindsayM_: Browser console error logs or webserver?

Novicki: LindsayM_: No errors in logs and it says on this page: https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/column-shortcodes/ that a preset stylesheet is included

Lantieri: DarkStar1: and wp_debug?

Lori: DarkStar1: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/WP_DEBUG

Threet: DarkStar1: does it also say you have to load any type of stylesheet manually?

Fontaine: Elenbaas about that really but it does say “A preset stylesheet is included, which you can also overwrite to your liking in your theme’s stylesheet”

Tolles: So i take that to mean the style is included by default

Almarza: Not sure I’m going to get this tonight but thanks for the help LindsayM_

Darakjy: LindsayM_: Getting Elenbaas from turning on the WP_DEBUG

Kreiter: In fact there’s no debug.log file in the specified directory

Koopman: DarkStar1: not sure what else to say if theres no server errors other than try a different plugin

Serl: Thanks. Looking at other options at the moment also. but I am also on 4.2.2 if that’s of any use

Rattan: Updating at the moment

Grymes: DarkStar1: you should always try to be on the most recent version

Luscombe: Just a qq, is there anyway to change the page order? Somehow the homepage is 3rd in the list.

Mcneely: I’m working on a WP install and on some pages the admin page dies in the Revisions metabox – output just ends. Does anyone know why this is?

Mulvahill: DarkStar1: in what list?

Huelskamp: I thought the list reflected the header menu

Storniolo: Only been on this a few hours. I’ll figure this out sooner or later

Kunselman: Hey everyone. I’m using Revolution Slider and it’ll only play HTML5 video in Firefox, not chrome, even if I upload both webm and mp4 formats. I tried appending the htaccess file, didn’t change anything. When you navigate to the video URLs on the WP server they play fine. Thoughts?

Juntunen: LindsayM_: Thanks for all your help

Zagami: Is there any way to speed-up the wp_comments table? My queries take like ~0.2s

Bedlion: Znf: http://info.110consulting.com/blog/bid/386688/5-Ways-to-Speed-Up-Your-SQL-Queries https://launchpad.net/mysql-tuning-primer

Commendatore: How do I get a “comments” submittal box to show on my home page below each blog post. Not all the comments, just the box to fill out?

Wombles: Wigdor: did you get the email from MainWP today?

Zagami: Opsec, I’m not sure that applies here, unless I plan to rewrite core parts of wordpress?

Lienke: LindsayM_: Figured out how twentyfifteen is working re: displaying a static page

Dible: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :

Bedlion: Janette: submit a comment into a black hole?

Lagerquist: Opsec: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/comment_form

Reigstad: No, lol. The box shows on the actual blog page but not the home page where you see all of them in running format. The “comment” link isn’t even clickable there. You have to go to the individual blog page to comment. I want to be able to do it from the homepage.

Zagami: You want a comment box on the front page?

Zagami: I mean, a comment form

Bedlion: And a stargate to access them later ;

Mamaclay: Janette: you’ll need to modify a theme template file. Comfortable with that?

Rigdon: Sterndata: I have changed some things. Depends how in depth we’re talking!

Miko: Are you working with a child theme?

Maestos: I am using the divi builder by Elegant Themes.