I am trying not to include.

Bahr: Buddyq, all depends on what you want to do. also depends if your themes have hooks that allow you to change those values, etc.

Dun: AbuDhar: is “laegeklinik” the name of your post type?

Deshazo: Well define name. I have it as my slug

Bahr: Buddyq, depends on your themes. there is no “one” answer to your question, heh

Flauding: My post type singular name is Clinic

Bongle: AbuDhar: single-{custom-post-type-name}.php is the correct template – make sure your filename matches your post type name

Hatori: So it has to match the singular name?

Yanez: Of the custom post type?

Markman: I thought it was the slug :

Nemets: Well not singular_name

Palmeter: But literally the first argument of register_post_type

Cyfers: AbuDhar: the first argument of the register_post_type function is the name of the post type – which should match your single-{name-of-post-type}.php filename

Island: Bahr: Yea, I figured there could be a few different ways depending on setups. I have programmers making the entire system for me but I want to make it so that when I add new themes for my users, I can easily change that information.

Bahr: Buddyq, there won’t ever be an easy change, as each theme will be different. each theme stores their own values most likely with their own prefixes

Bahr: Unfortunately there isn’t a default wordpress site email option, albiet maybe the admin email which really doesn’t fit your solution

Bahr: You may have _buddytheme_email or _crisumi_email

Leya: It does jphase. now the clinics are totally gone from the Clinics admin page

Tok: Can I show you my code?

Savaria: Jphase: wanna team up and make the most complicated and ***bersome wordpress theme ever? we’ll be RICH!

Urrea: Ok… i’m checking to see how they might have done it in a couple of themes.

Connolly: Jphase: can I PM you with the gist?

Bahr: Buddyq, every theme will at least use update_option’some_key’, $supplied_email;

Bahr: Problem is, the ‘some_key’ is not standard

Bahr: You’ll have to make manual changes each time a theme is loaded

Bahr: Whether creating a child and overriding the code or overriding the templates

Niles: By loaded you mean, added to the system?

Bahr: Well, activated and used really

Bahr: When you add a theme to the system and ACTIVATE it, then you are missing those values anywy

Filipovich: Shelburne: http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria/

Filipovich: OMG, Blue Cross music on hold is really awful — sounds like a toy piano

Savaria: Filipovich: it’s how they get you to heal.

Bahr: Filipovich, is the volume 2x that of commercials on tv, too?

Bahr: I feel like they will blow my phone speaker sometimes. if that’s even possible

Filipovich: My jambox has a volume control si I can drop it way down

Shelburne: Okay, with the Underscores theme, is it intended to be as easy as modifying stylesheet in order to place whatever wherever on the page?

Filipovich: Shelburne: it depends. I sometimes modify page.php for specific purposes and create things like “page-nosidebar.php” as a custom template

Shelburne: Well, ofcourse, because I want to be able to choose between o,1 ,2 sidebars on a page-specific basis.

Filipovich: But if you dig around, you can find enormously complex themes built on _s with LOTS of php file changes

Shelburne: I also want to be able to add additional “sidebars” for content above and below specific page content which can be set per page, per category

Senne: Filipovich: what’s wrong? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/cea663464ab92be37bce

Filipovich: Shelburne: yeah, I add those to header.php and footer.php most times

Funn: I am trying not to include specific categories in the archive / search and its not working