Hvk: i’m telling you that.

Jermeland: Bahr: yea but when i am trying to update custom post type i get No route was found matching the URL and request method

Karamchandani: Filipovich: I’m less worried about going to lunch, and more worried about randomly updating 2 unknown wordpress sites and not caring that they’re probably down and waiting for someone to start the DB update on them.

Wertheimer: Furrykef: does it still do jthat if you switch to a different theme?

Calley: Bahr: i can get post with this url /posts/?type=cpt-projects&filterp=2191 and want to update it with /posts/2191 and its not found 404

Gemberling: Cintax — funny enough I was testing that while you said that. And it doesn’t. So it’s definitely the theme.

Filipovich: Cintax: yeah, there’s that, too.

Bahr: Hvk: are you using “type” or “post_type”

Gascoigne: OK, problem solved. Something in functions.php was emitting a blank line.

Mangubat: Bahr: hm i just figured out i cant even get this custom post type

Manista: OK, well, thanks anyway, guys

Trueax: Bahr: when i get wp/v2/types i have there my custom type

Borchardt: Do you have wordpress on nginx=

Outman: So get posts of that custom type

Bahr: Hvk: i’m confused. you said you just figured it out— but said you can’t even get this custom post type?

Bahr: And you didn’t answer me about “type” or “post_type” bc the API shows post_type as a paramter, not type

Iannuzzi: Bahr: to be honest i am little bit confused too. So lets start from beginning i want to get post with type cpt-projects you can check it here http://www.exponex.com/wp-json/wp/v2/types And i want to POST new post with this type to my api

Dambakly: I’m looking to create a social media/google ****ytics dashboard with client login in WordPress

Bahr: Hvk: in your URL you have type= or post_type= ?

Mizer: Bahr: i tried both but it dont work

Bahr: Hm. well i’m not really understandin what’s going on. i don’t have too much WP API experience, but the docs, from what I see, look pretty straightforward

Bahr: So maybe i’m just not following hte problem :

Bahr: The link i gave you shows the paramteres for inserting a new post

Datz: Who’s having issues with the wp-api?

Bahr: Hvk is trying to create a post with a custom post_type

Barbare: First i want to get it from server šŸ˜€

Bahr: Hvk: so yo uwant to duplicate a post?

Bahr: Hvk: or are you wanting to get a post from ONE API and insert into ANOTHER API?

Vidmar: Bahr: no i want to create post in one wordpress instalation and trought wp api publish it on multiple sites

Bahr: Hvk: so you want post ID 2191 from site A, and then post that to site B, C, D, E, etc?

Papandrea: Bahr: yea we can say it

Bahr: Are you saying we can ***ume what i said is true?

Hillary: Bahr: yea its my problem what i am trying to figure out

Bahr: Hvk: ok so is that custom post type available on all sites?

Bahr: Hvk: also, are all these sites within the same network?

Hakes: Bahr: its on digital ocean droplet so it should be

Bahr: I meant you have a multisite install — all the sites are in the same install?

Lenton: I first did it with inserting in database but it failed because my users changed stuff in others and ids of posts get ****ed up so šŸ˜€

Sur: Hvk: Please help us keep Orchard a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Bahr: Hvk: when you insert a new post, you can’t chose the ID you want

Peron: Bahr: i hoped šŸ˜€ but not i have separated instalation

Seo: Bahr: i was doing it with wpdb šŸ˜€ so i could.

Bahr: So they are separated now, and no longer a multisite?

Bahr: Hvk: i’m telling you that if you are wanting to add post and CHOOSE the ID, then you are doing it the wrong way