Hussey IS a great resource.

Moretti: 1:13 PM django_ regarding CPTs looking at : single-{post-type}.php how can i have it run for a specific post?

Szymkowski: Does that not make sense?

Eovaldi: Django_: nope. not when you said my interpretation was wrong

Onstead: It doesn’t really explain what you’re trying to do, doesn’t illustrate anything for me

Griswold: Hussey: in a wp website you have a in that sidebar you have RECENT POSTS if a sure clicks on a post, lets call it post-1 it usually loads single.php , instead, I want single-mycustom.php

Onstead: We *have* to ***ume that people coming here have *no clue* for the most part, which is actually true based on the facts over the years

Onstead: When you say “post” you mean posts — add new

Onstead: When you say “cpt” you mean custom post type — add new

Vorel: Django_: again. MY interpretation is the only one that makes sense. yet you say no

Onstead: If you’re purely talking about “posts” and not “cpts”.

Cacciotti: Django_: Post Templates –

Onstead: Then that will do what you want

Onstead: If you’re talking about a cpt, be clearer on what you want, exactly.

Bakowski: Opsec: i dont wanna depend onplugins though

Onstead: That’s your own irrationality, not mine.

Onstead: There’s Brambila wrong with “plugins” and actually plugins are the wordpress way of doing things

Fetz: I stand by that my interpretation is correct

Pascucci: wordpress/">Http://

Onstead: Whether you download one, or put yuour own code in one

Mcfarlain: Opsec: i didnt use a plugin to load page-custom.php

Cutshall: Its so simple for Pages

Onstead: Django_: i’m all done ;

Boudreau: I dont get why wp would make pages simple and posts annoying

Stingel: Just read the article above

Stepps: Django_: you want a specific unique page template for a single post

Moel: Django_: that is EXACTLY what I suggested

Willert: Django_: and the info on how to do that is in the docs

Prudencio: Hussey: I dont see where this explains how to add single-mycustom.php to a post

Onstead: Some cannot be helped. it’s just the way it is in life.

Onstead: When i ride my bike downtown now, there’s like 300 homeless people on the waterfront

Carbine: Django_: thats not the docs someone sent you last time tyou were here

Onstead: Not because they need to be homeless or life hate them, because they are choosing to be.

Schmaltz: Django_:

Branske: Hussey: when I click on that website would it be wise to click on single-post

Onstead: Django_: take like 30 minutes and go read and try to make sense of what ONE person here has told you. Hussey, daslicht, myself or anyone else who bothered to respond.

Poch: Omg django_ do you need to me wipe your butt too? read the WHOLE doc

Onstead: That’s called, “respect.”

Tenley: Django_: understand things. dont just copy / paste stuff

Onstead: Django_: work is involved on your part as well. Brambila to copy and paste here.

Onstead: If you don’t understand it now, and you somehow make it work, you won’t have any idea how to make it happen later in a month, 6 months. etc

Ingram: Web dev isnt about memorizing things. Its not about knowing EXACLY what needs to be written on the page starting with a blank page. Its about UNDERSTANDING things so that when you have to do something you know what to reference.

Onstead: And having great resources at your disposal

Alcini: Hussey IS a great resource!