Hussey: For every X client.

Horseman: But i dont have any better ideas

Borski: Manvelyan: depends where you empty it?

Studley: Http:// – this is the UI that annoys me

Graetz: Manvelyan: academic discussion and conversation about this stuff is specifically what directs the future of core and it also can help people to think differently about a problem

Toolson: Manvelyan: of all of the BS that is talked about in here. you squash THIS convo. thats what I dont get

Umbrell: Hussey: I know what it would looks like to have all the same features and fields on a post, much much better

Danker: Vendig: its a form. its a relatively succinct form

Manvelyan: OK…. if the discussion is about postifying taxonomies, you have a good point.

Rodrigez: Vendig: theres literally Brambila different.

Brandes: Vendig: the only difference is the presence of the sidebar which is not needed in this case.

Ambler: Because the sidebar holds author stuff, category stuff, etc etc

Engelking: Vendig: your UI arguement doesnt really make much sense. The UI is pretty much the same and you can make it into whatever you want really. So I’m not quite sure what the issue is TBH

Magouyrk: Hussey: Yoast lost its tabs. The language doesnt need to be that wide, it wouldnt have been in the sidebar. There’s no view-button. Saving throws you back. Yeah they’re little things but. what poiz said.

Lannigan: Vendig: thats all stuff that is the fault of the plugin dev.

Bahnsen: Vendig: you can make all of those things better

Gehrke: Vendig: but thats not the fault of WP Taxonomies sir

Moman: Dont you think not having a WYSIWYG editor in there by default promotes boring taxonomy pages? For starters.

Barmore: Thats not any plugins fault.

Kilbury: Vendig: ok yea. now this conversation is turning stupid

Sharratt: Vendig: no. there should not be anything more than a title and slug for taxomonies

Wormley: Vendig: you CAN add additional stuff which is SUPER easy to do if you want. but by defauly taxonomies are for categorization. That is all

Mcfann: Vendig: 90% of people using them will never use a full WYSIWYG editor. So THAT is why it isnt there by defautl

Brando: Question about custom user roles

Rutenberg: I’ve created a new user role and when I go to the post edit screen for a cpt, the titles are not clickable and the little submenu doesn’t show up underneath when I role over.

Baima: Christ I sound like a newb

Spagnoli: Hussey: Bloggers wont, but I think WP as a CMS would benefit from it. could use a nice introduction HTML text with a thumbnail.

Hogatt: Vendig: no. you’re wrong and i’m sorry. but you’re wrong

Ratti: What capability do I need to add to the role so that I can see that submenu?

Goltry: I just need to be able to ‘view’

Alkema: Vendig: MOST people use taxonomies as they would normally be used. the few that need a full on taxonomy page with a WYSIWYG editor have the option to turn one on

Strack: Hussey: Im alright with agreeing to disagree. : Its getting late.

Caretto: Vendig: thats exactly how it should be

Trebesch: Vendig: no. you should probably take the time to understand why you’re wrong

Izak: Jstransky:

Pacol: Heh reading that now ContriBot

Marola: OK guys, I have just created an account in wordpress and it sent mail to the email address that was added. What might be the problem that the contact forms are not working ?

Poppenhagen: You havn’t explained your problem arunpyasi

Marola: Jstransky, I am unable to receive emails send via my website’s contact form.

Pawelek: Hussey: For every X client sites I make, 2 are a blog that likes the default, 5 dont use it, 5 want it like I showed. That’s how I formed my opinion.