HowardwLo: and why not? it.

Cirino: That looks like everything I need

Courser: HowardwLo: lemme know if it works for you

While: Herbst0: ok. so now.

Vanbeck: So again the idea is that i have some generated categories with sub categories, not within wordpress but from somewhere else

Michelson: All those categories would use the same template

Weins: And i need some url rewrite magic i guess to make it happen that all requests whatever /base/ASD/BCD or just /base/FFF get redirected to the template

Gunia: Which then manages the rest

Shami: Herbst0: yea i think i’m still confused. How does WP know which categories are applied to which posts?

Ziegenfuss: Its a crazy complex theme i bought, basically a escort site in theme form

Tryba: Herbst0: it literally sounds like the worst theme i’ve ever heard of

Denoon: Herbst0: i mean. why would you go all those routes to replicate exactly what it is that WP does automatically?

Reville: It makes no sense to me

Ufford: Probably is, but for my purposes maybe simpler than writing from scratch :

Holy: Herbst0: i’m not suggesting writing from scratch, but theres NO WAY its simpler than starting from a starter theme. no way

Buscher: I see that issue, but i cant create sites and everything for every category

Iglesia: Herbst0: add to that since there is a layer of abstraction, any help you get in here will be minimal because its doing things entirely unique to how WP does things

Letsche: Herbst0: no one is telling you that you should or have to

Close: It really has a lot of features i dont want to miss, thats the whole point

Bertolini: Herbst0: i’m telling you that WP out of the box can do what you need

Olander: Herbst0: i think the whole point is that you dont know what features WP actually has and thus you ended up wuth a bloated thing that overdoes everything WP does inhernetly

Vanvalkenbur: Probably written by someone who uses some other framework so just shoe-horned WP into his way of thinking instead of doing it the right way using WP functionality.

Harajli: In fact, I have NO DOUBT that this is what happened

Mandelik: Probably happened, but this whole thing is basically all i need. All it misses is a different way of handling requests. I wont start from scratch because of that

Sarafin: What is the “offcanvans sidebar”?

Tanzosch: I’m trying to create simple html and css boxes with drop shadow

Bowl: I’ve done the code already, but when I put it directly in the post, they aren’t aligned horizontally and it’s annoying me

Lall: Tebbo: sounds like a question for #css

Thier: Herbst0: yea but again. without knowing the intricacies of your theme and what you’re doing. its a lot of work to try and help you

Klitz: You don’t think making it a widget would help? or should I just add the html directly to the post?

Luo: Tebbo: i have no idea.

Rodwell: Tebbo: i am not even entirely sure what youre tlaking about but sounds like your css just isnt working the way you expected

Washinton: Doesnt matter where you put your code.

Ganus: Yeah that’s essentially it

Culnane: I keep adjusting it but it keeps *****ing up regardless

Zucker: Tebbo: youre going to have to give a link of your site and you should ask in #css since it’s a css question

Wry: Scavotto: almost there, just having trouble with post_parent arg for get_pages

Reha: HowardwLo: what problem?

Hyppolite: Get_pages doesn’t support post_parent i think, my “query” isn’t getting the right pages

Panganiban: Ah its called child_of

Edith: HowardwLo: did you not just copy/paste my code?

Kleis: Http://

Domina: HowardwLo: and why not? it should work