How can I merge two.

Harwood: All they wanted was hr

Galleta: Shouldn’t do inline my friend

Benzango: Ha that is what I get for being to fancy

Lenoci: Next week they’ll cover a style.css

Brawdy: Just call you hr and then use a style.css file

Muraco: Ok thanks for the info though. I’ve sat out way to long from HTML/CSS .gotta get back in that groove

Weflen: Are you wordpressing?!

Pevahouse: Not at the moment Horacsio

Arebalo: Thought I’d sneak a css question in, but thanks for pointing me to #css opsec

Lokan: There’s different channels because there’s different experts. like i wouldn’t ask a wordpress question in ##php either ;

Tolhurst: Unless that question was related to php 😀

Cottle: If you ask wordpress questions in PHP you sometimes might get shot

Cottle: Or beaten with a stick

Lokan: A question about wp_enqueue_style would be off topic and inappropriate in ##php . because it’s a wordpress question, even though it’s php, it’s wordpress specific

Cottle: Some people in ##php don’t really like wordpress at all 😛

Aring: Yes 😀 I did that already… got no help. but that made me stronger to look after the answer 😀

Teklu: Some people in wordpress don’t like php 😀

Luczak: Hey opsec do you have a portfolio?

Lokan: Many people really have no idea what they’re asking sometimes so there’s lots of off topic or totally irrelevant questions almost anywhere as a result

Bonamico: But does that makes you a sad person? no : you just help with a smile :

Romas: This is one of the best rooms ever! I say.

Cottle: Horacsio, can’t really have it that way – you can’t have WP without PHP

Lokan: You’d have to rewrite most of it, but that’s an incorrect statement as it stands

Cottle: Then it’s no longer wordpress

Lokan: It’s like saying you can’t have “gone with the wind” in french or german, it’s written in english!

Lokan: You can disagree, but you’re making statements that are laughably incorrect.

Lokan: Any language can be chosen to write the core in

Cottle: Meanwhile, I want to beat people with a stick who change indentation mid-function

Lokan: If everyone suddenly decided on the core dev team that wp is moving to ruby, it would be done.

Cottle: That would be wordpress-ruby, then!

Cottle: Wasn’t there a project that forked wordpress into something else?

Lokan: It’s absurd and would most likely never happen in this universe, but it’s a definite possible.

Lokan: The fact is, our world and our lives are totally malleable.

Lokan: They are what they are because we molded our lump of clay that way

Lokan: Using thoughts, intent and desire to fashion the final product

Cottle: Whoever named the color scheme “Molokai” never thought about search engines.

Dobrich: Opsec oddity 😀 the world is malleable! 😀 wow

Cottle: Fris, there’s also one called molokai

Cottle: Well, I’m using Molokai on VIM

Cottle: Was hoping I could use it on Notepad++

Vogeler: Is it the same type , dark with pretty colors?

Vogeler: Or something different completely

Cottle: Based on, Molokai is more like:

Cottle: While Monokai is

Walman: How can I merge two wordpress databases so that one database’s information is appended to the others? I have a domain name that’s expired and want to learn more about merging two mysql databases not technically the right place to ask, but if anyone has any knowledge in that area I would be thankful for your time. In order to do this, I need to understand the wp DB better – where can I find more information on the database struc