How can i do two queries.

Kennaugh: What user/group should it be and what dirs?

Gangl: Where should wp_enqueue_scripts functions live?

Zizza: Depends on your server

Oszust: Catuca generally in the functions.php

Rieder: Keeping things organized that is

Rodemeyer: VectorX: the username is wscapes which is the domain user the group is psacln which is plesk group

Brueckner: Forbidd3n hmm then it should have just work, its strange you would have had to mess with permissions, are you the server admin ?

Wesche: If you are, i would check plesk related settings

Dobrushin: This client just contacted me today because they can’t upgrade plugins or wordpress

Heid: Forbidd3n psacln should have access unless there is something preventing them, id check with the plesk channel or google, i wouldnt mess with permissions until you figured that out

Sharko: Also check if it is working for everyone else aswell

Golab: VectorX: anything in particular I should look into?

Sauceda: Forbidd3n first find out if that is the only user this is happening to, if its global its a server setting which needs to be updated, if its just the user then find out if access is limited in plesk

Mattione: Changing dirs permissions doesnt make sense on a server running hosting software

Chua: Hey all, im trying to properly add the menu function and remove the old custom menu function of an old custom theme. can someone help me out to get the menu styled effectively to mimic the old menu?

Modica: Http://

Jeng: It’s just CSS, Moosejaw

Zegarra: Hi Jeng, you think i can just point the old css at the new menu?

Hansteen: I just need a bit of help with it or its going to take me hours.

Jeng: Moosejaw: dunno. You need to look closely at it.

Jeng: This is not the #CSS channel.

Lokan: This is free support, why haven’t you fixed it yet Jeng? i’m disappointed :

Jeng: I fixed it — in my mind

Jeng: So it’s no longer interesting :-

Tupacyupanqui: I understand, my first issue was wordpress. im not trying to be jerky, just needed help on something you guys probably think is super simple.

Svedin: Moosejaw: Please use the built-in Developer Tools of your browser to fix problems with your website. Right click your page and pick “Inspect Element” Cr, FF, Op or press F12-button IE to track down CSS problems. Use the console to see JavaScript bugs.

Lokan: Moosejaw: i don’t even know what you want ;

Lokan: I made myself an apple / pear crisp last night. been in the fridge all night

Lokan: I’m about to go dip in a get a taste of that bad boy.

Copley: I want some so bad opsec.

Berlingo: Opsec: yesterday i was trying to help a friend fix her website menu issue, but the site went down. so i am now trying to put the custom menu option in her old custom theme someone did for her. I did that, i believe properly since the menu is showing up in the header. i have no removed the old code yet for the old menu, but want the new menu to be styled the same way as the old menu. This way she can edit the menu without goi

Propheter: Ng into the code. So I guess I am having a style issue and need help with that.

Dotolo: I’ve upped memory on wp-config, added the .php folder, modified .htaccess but the ‘customize’ option of my theme won’t just load

Presler: Keeps showing the little round thing spinning

Koepke: Gegagome whats the theme

Gothro: Did you try turning on debug

Moraitis: And check the server error log

Petrouits: Yeah there might be a clue

Krasley: But its certainly strange

Adlam: I’m using a multisite installation

Alvernaz: But you can still turn on errors and see if there is one

Upson: How can i do two queries with WP_Query and them be totally different?