Horacsio: what gave you.

Paras: Horacsio: you do NOT want to select a custom page template because if you do then you have to completely rewrite the template code that gets all of the ‘my account” stuff. you simply want to copy over and override the existing one.

Hemphill: WHY you want to do that, I have no idea. Personally think that for you, its a bad idea to go that route

Neuse: LindsayM_: I’ve done that : but when I go to localhost/my-account the form-login.php is correctly called, but why the sidebar from my theme page.php is there too?!

Manly: Let me do a screenshot

Nezich: Horacsio: . waiting.

Frauenfelder: But be warned. I have a short attention span

Studler: Https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5441525/Captura%20de%20ecr%C3%A3%202015-09-18%2C%20%C3%A0s%2000.09.14.png

Vlahovich: Horacsio: that does not help me at all.

Farber: Horacsio: like. not in the least

Verdier: Horacsio: that is exactly what I thought you were describing

Prum: Horacsio: the question is. why is having this sidebar an unexpected thing to you?

Capriccioso: Horacsio: did it never have it

Strollo: The page.php has it. but the form-login.php doesn’t.

Haseltine: Horacsio: paste your form-login.php file that exists inside your THEME/woocommerce folder

Dority: I’ve done that. but I will need a template file to override the page.php, don’t I?

Pelnar: Horacsio: I asked you the PASTE THE CODE

Runco: Horacsio: please i beg you. do not make me repeat myself

Ludeker: Http://pastebin.com/xW5WcUzf

Wallett: Horacsio: and ALL you did. the ONLY thing you did. was move the template file from woocommerce folder to the theme folder? Or did you do something else

Montes: Added section id=”content-boutique” role=”main”, this ?php get_template_part ‘page-clip-title’ ; ?, this ?php get_template_part ‘menu’ ; ? and this /section added the get header and footer

Marohl: Horacsio: i’m talking configuration wise. did you change anything else? did you create a new WP page in the admin? Did you delete a WP page in the admin? Did you change something with the template dropdown? Did you change a woo setting?

Popovec: No. I’m using the my acount page by woocommerce installation which has a shortcode: woocommerce_my_account

Bearman: Horacsio: and the page template setting for that page?

Lichter: Horacsio: screen shot that

Bentrup: Https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5441525/Captura%20de%20ecr%C3%A3%202015-09-18%2C%20%C3%A0s%2000.22.38.png

Bringman: Horacsio: screenshot your file structure to show me where your filesare

Weng: Q: wich one is the php file of the template for the posts page if I set the post page as a page different from the home page?

Fraze: Is this included in index.php?

Newlon: Rontill: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Templates

Twohig: Rontill: read the docs

Handal: Https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5441525/Captura%20de%20ecr%C3%A3%202015-09-18%2C%20%C3%A0s%2000.26.20.png

Thie: LindsayM_: that page-woocommerce.php is what I was trying to do now… so it’s not even applied to Edwin… ignore it please.

Keddy: So home.php is always for the post page, regardles if i use the home page as the posts page or not?

Skinnen: Horacsio: Where did you get the idea to put it in a sub folder?

Nordeen: Rontill: settings — reading — static home — front-page.php settings — reading — static blog — home.php

Thessing: Horacsio: you’re impossible

Burba: Horacsio: because helping you is like pulling teeth

Fram: Horacsio: constantly trying to decipher what it is you are ssaying and what it is you need help with

Niglio: Horacsio: you have /woocommerce/myaccount/

Swanstrom: Horacsio: what gave you the idea to do /myaccount/ folder? And when i asked you what folder structure you had, why didnt you bring that up?