Horacsio, check.

Lokan: Oh, yea i just gave stuff away

Maciag: One of those thoughts u have and get excited then it dies and ur like eff that

Lokan: Free snowboard stuff, watches, mp3 players, clothing, shoes, all kinds of stuff

Nicol: Get stabbed over some free shoes

Lokan: Then there’s the employee store

Lokan: It would take someone trained with a knife to successfully stab me ;

Lokan: I don’t think most people carrying a knife know how to use it

Lokan: They’re carrying a weapon for me in case they should feel the need to attack me

Sangasy: I was being facetious brah

Speagle: Bring a little pocket-able baretta heh

Lokan: I have a baretta military target pistol though.

Shearon: Bring a pink one and shoot that mofo holding his swiss army

Bayani: I’m in texas tho. we love guns here

Decann: You gotta do something pretty dumb to get in trouble

Lokan: We basically have no gun laws in oregon ;

Eppes: He was holding a broken fork and i feared my life!

Hesley: All u gotta say is you feared for your life

Lokan: Did you say you needed a case of fully auto AR-15’s. no probs.

Lauser: Someone rammed their truck in a gunstore over here the other day and stole like 100 guns — ARs, pistols, shotguns, etc

Lokan: There’s a gun show every month less than a mile from my place

Shore: I’d be curious if oregon texas on gun laws

Lokan: Well, if you’re a criminal you can’t have one. that’s about it

Arms: That’s federal i think

Saperstein: And actually, you CAN get a gun

Lokan: Anyone can walk in and buy any sort of rifle though. no problem

Maciasz: You can apply to be forgiven or w/e the word is but.

Hoskyns: They defunded the department handling those applications heh

Lokan: Well oregon has specific rules for that

Matthew: Yeah true, but doesn’t mean the feds won’t try to be douche about it

Giaccone: Ie: marijuana state lawas

Gascoigne: I need some help clarifying how woocommerce works in terms of the template: it sets base with page.php correct?

Lokan: If it was a violent crime, or if you used a weapon of any type, they will not be reinstated

Dorrough: Horacsio, do you have a woocommerce.php in your theme?

Lokan: Crisumi: marijuana is legal here now.

Laprarie: Crisumi: well not in my theme, but I have that template file for woocommerce yes.

Hjelle: Horacsio, with no woocommerce.php, everything uses the woo templates that you can custom override in your theme

Rothermich: Without modifying the core woo files

Shapero: Opsec, yeah but its been legal in cali med fora while and feds kept raiding bc it was illegal federally

Onken: It’s still illegal federally, so technically you’re OK with oregon state, but not US fed lol

Saras: Now they claim to have backed off, but who knows?

Lokan: It’s legal period here if you’re over 18 and just want to get “high”

Lokan: Maybe the age is 21, not sure

Lowenstein: But it’s still federally illegal

Lokan: I don’t care either way

Riblet: I’m just giving the example of Fed State Local

Lokan: I make my own law in life

Fulk: They still raided dispensaries even tho it was legal

Kagimoto: But again, this is all in theory

Standefer: I doubt they’ll come to your house: HEY OREGON ISSUED U, A DRUG FELON, A GUN. AND WE SAY NO

Lokan: Some of my laws coincide with written laws and others not, just like everyone else ;

Flythe: Horacsio, check this: