Hoping for any ***istance..

Keating: Its the same code I use for the index.php and its working fine

Greenman: Makes me scratch my head

Sachez: What is the problem, Amanej?

Dusenberry: When I create a page, it simply gives me a “Not Found” error message

Sachez: That’s not a PHP file, ikt’s some html

Machowski: That’s not a PHP file, ikt’s some html ?

Sachez: The link you posted, Amanej, does not show me a PHP page

Sachez: But let’s stop and rewind.

Sachez: You use NEW – PAGE and create and publish a page. Correct?

Marquis: This is what I have, but it returns only one event: http://hastebin.com/wecogafuqe.php

Eggebrecht: Http://plnkr.co/edit/VLvOFlEHfNLYNu6O5ocm?p=catalogue

Sachez: Amanej: pleae. just the code, not this whole plunker thing. anyhgow, you did not answer my question.

Cotelesse: If I have a template /collection/ and I want to access a querystring variable, i.e. /collection/colour, do I need to add a rewrite rule in my functions.php?

Sachez: Noxoc: get_the_id? why are you using that function?

Sachez: And when you try to access that page, you gat a 404?

Sabataso: Requested URL was not found on this server

Sachez: Then the problem is NOT with your page.php

Nauss: But the index / frontpage is working

Sachez: Where is it not working?

Auberry: Sachez: because I’m on the single-designer.php and it’s the designer’s id?

Sachez: Noxoc: are you sure it’s the designer’s ID?

Sachez: Amanej: WHERE IS IT NOT WORKING? You said it’s working locally, so I ***ume this is not local.

Calizo: The Pages are not working

Bendana: Only the main page ie front page is working

Dahlin: Sachez: yes. When I echo it, it’s the same as in the url when I edit the page.

Sachez: Your .htaccess file is probably being ignored, Amanej

Lall: What does that mean/entail ?

Sachez: Amanej: let’s do a little test first

Sachez: Settings – permalinks. Choose the first option urls like ?p=xxxx

Devore: Sachez: Its ALIVE ! 😀

Sachez: Does that work, Amanej?

Sachez: OK, now you need to fix it so it works with “pretty” permalinks

Sachez: What’s your local hosting environment?

Jacobellis: Haha, ok. Any suggestions ?

Sachez: OK, I don’t do WAMP. :-

Sachez: But basically, someplace there’s a file named apache.conf or httpd.conf; you have to find the directive that says.

Sachez: Then Apache will read and use .htaccess

Sachez: When you’re done with this project, Amanej, throw away the theme you developed and go to http://underscores.me and get a “best practices” starter theme.

Filzen: I am just following the tutorial to properly understand wp development

Sachez: IT’s good to build one from scratch once so you know what’s “under the hood”

Poliks: We use wordpress alot at wok

Deveja: Thanks for the tip, will check out underscores

Sachez: Noxoc: FYI, you should be using WP_Query, not get_posts. but anyhow, back to the issue.

Sachez: Just for fun, noxoc, what happens if you delete the line with LIKE?

Sachez: Noxoc: you said “CPT “Event” with a list of Designers.” How is this list a part of the “event” CPT?

Sachez: Repeating field? taxonomy?

Demiel: Hoping for any ***istance. I’m using the Types Toolset plugin CRED form actually, and every time I try to click the button that says “Add another Notification”, the data doesn’t open in the backend to enter the information. Instead I get this error: Uncaught TypeError: window.switchEditors.switchto is not a function – This is the line of code that error is attached to: window.switchEdi