Hmm I think the last thing.

Lunsford: Did someone changed that WordPress back-end font?

Jeng: Marduk1984: influence how?

Weekey: How high its shown on google

Jeng: Is there an #SEO channel you can ask on?

Jeng: Marduk1984: there are so many influencers; you need to ask SEO experts

Kosmowski: Influence is hard to express in a measurement. I think a domain would help, but how much.

Jeng: Anyhow, all you’ll get here is speculation

Cumber: Thanks guys. i will ask around and thanks for the link sterndata

Greydanus: Can someone help me, we gather blog posts from our site and display them all like so, but the images are zooming and making slideshow when clicking, how to disable this doesnt seem straight forward, thanks!

Wurl: How can i become a seo expert?

Ashley: They know all correct html semantic or what

Acosta: So its the Jupiter theme image-hover-relay that I want gone, I can certainly hack css but want to see if there is a front end option for this

Calvano: Is there any article on setting up lighttpd for wp ?

Jeng: Haris: did you see this? wordpress-blog-to-lighttpd/">

Jeng: Also links to this:

Stage: Yes. I’v seen both links

Rollow: Are these compatible with latest version of wp

Jeng: Don’t’re the one with the lighthttpd setup. Try things

Kloeck: My site is under a folder /business

Legore: I’ve actually decided to try something completely different. i’m writing a node app to serve from the mysql database my own API

Sjostrand: Another question I have, is there an easy way to take an existing wp site and stop serving everything but wp-admin?

Jeng: Your own API? Why not use the REST API. It’s supported, more eyes will be looking at the security, and it’s supported. Did I say it’s supported?

Melamed: Yes you did say that thrice

Soho: Am I right that the default wordpress comment form is not secure vs CSRF attacks? no hidden noncefield?

Sevier: Or maybe extend REST Api v2

Jeng: Jackblack: it appears so.

Jeng: At least, my googling did not turn up any “fixed” sort of posts

Krausse: Is this Vache or unregistered?

Steiert: Sounds like a dumb question but I can’t exactly tell with the discussion client I am using

Costenive: I will ask in dev chat also

Jeng: This is Vache, Kamuela_iOS

Jeng: What are you using for discussion on IOS, btw?

Karlson: I just wasn’t sure if I got automatically redirected and it didn’t change what it was reporting as the channel

Jeng: So, Kamuela_iOS, you’re writing your own API? why?

Pipilas: I’m trying to separate WordPress the site server and WordPress the CMS engine. So I am trying to easily facilitate a front end app

Jeng: Kamuela_iOS: The API exists and will soon be part of core

Jeng: Kamuela_iOS: there are also various front ends for it on github

Grussing: True, but I am not a PHP dev. I’m a JS dev. So it’s easier for me to work with Node.js

Jeng: As I said, there are front ends for it on github

Jeng: wordpress-rest-api">Https://

Jeng: See

Juniel: Jeng: since I know very little about WordPress anyway, I don’t really need access to WordPress like terms. I need access to the bits of data necessary to populate a web app

Jeng: Then why are you asking this in #wordpress

Jeng: If you don’t want to use it?

Kalinger: I don’t think I asked

Jeng: So back up and what’s your question? :-

Jingst: Hmm I think the last thing I was wondering was what would be a semi straightforward way to disable serving anything except wp-admin