Hi ppl! You got any tips.

Comas: Is that really neccessary?

Stargell: ArtisanIndia: that’s a shortcode, which usually gets defined in functions.php or an included php file with functions, usually in a folder /inc of your theme

Burkhalter: It’s so easy do donwload a folder with a ftp programm such as Filezilla, burn a CD-ROM from it and store that somewhere in your shelf

Hardester: Ah well … so … what do you need to contact support for then?

Kahen: Pixolin shortcode’s content is not saved in the db ?

Kluss: Like my shortcode home_intro resolves as a youtube video with one text statement on the frontend it must be saved somewhere

Slater: Is anyone aware of recent/comprehensive tutorials or do***entation on the genesis framework?

Paskel: How do i change the link to full link in the address bar http://kalabiz.info/?page_id=18

Slater: Oferw: what’s a “full link?”

Destephen: To better full meaning url

Pauda: Like https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/news/

Guse: It is /news and not ?page_id=18

Slater: Oferw: permalink settings

Schoene: Where it is in the menu

Stremcha: You need to set settings permalinks

Hingston: This is going to be big index of local business in Israel in central tel aviv. each business will have it’s own business page

Kolm: Will anyone please help me ?

Takeuchi: In the admin panel home page I have a shortcode home_intro I want to change the content rendered in it but cannot find it anywhere in the admin panel so thought of changing it from database but not able to find it in database as well

Slater: You want to change the output of the shortcode?

Allgier: As I mentioned before, shortcodes usually are defined in either your theme’s functions.php or an included functions file or set up by a plugin.

Slater: First you’ll have to find where the shortcode is defined. It will provided either by a plugin or your theme. Most likely a plugin.

Huey: So if you want to e.g. add a div tag to the shortcode, you need to search for add_shortcode in your template

Slater: ArtisanIndia: are you familiar with grep?

Magouyrk: But the call of the shortcode and attributes provided for it are stored in the post or page and hence in the database

Slater: Grep is a tool that lets you search through text. In this case you will want to greo through your plugin folder to find the shortcode

Coler: Like when I use video url=”youtube.com/bla”, this stored as post content

Nobel: Pixolin exactly attributes provided for it are stored in the post or page and hence in the database

Stead: I tried searching for every possible name under post_title post_name post_content

Paneczko: I’ve started hating wordpress even more :

Synnott: Right, but the question is, what is done with that shortcode plus attribute, i.e. how it should be rendered. and that usually is set up in your theme or a plugin

Neilsen: ArtisanIndia: what is complex?

Dellapenta: wordpress-easy-thats-ok/">Http://mor10.com/wordpress-easy-thats-ok/

Suter: Eating Cookies is easy. Baking Cookies requires a little more.

Sugerak: But I find wordpress much complex

Wales: Do you know options framework pixolin

Accetturo: I’ve tried it out a while ago, but don’t use it

Heimlich: This is the plugin which is responsible for my shortcode

Gutrerrez: Well, didn’t we tell you it was in a theme or plugin? 😀

Jelinski: Still I couldnt find where exactly

Hemeyer: Honestly, create a local install of your website using ***rant. Then use e.g. Sublime Text to search through all files and you are done in two minutes searching for add_shortcode

Barlau: Hi ppl! You got any tips for me. Im migrating a site from one server to another by using BackupBuddy. A zip-file is created that is unpacked with php on the new server. The problem is that the file owner of the files are stored in the zip-file. And on the new server that owner isnt a good idea. Running a ftp command “chown” on the new server isnt allowed. nor with php